The Easy Way to Create Farmhouse Style Floors

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The Easy Way to Create Farmhouse Style Floors

Although the first farmhouses were built for function – center chimney’s that heat the whole home, wide plank floors to install quickly before winter, wood wall paneling because sheetrock didn’t exist yet.  These are just a few of the iconic farmhouse-style architectural details that designers, architects and builders seek to recreate today, to provide their clients with an authentic farmhouse feel.

When considering new flooring for the home, or even if you want to create a farmhouse style floor for a commercial space, we will show three flooring styles that will make it so easy to get the desired look.

Find a Floor With Some Character

What does the term “character” mean exactly, well when it comes to wood floors it is meant to represent the all natural “imperfections” that will appear in the floor. This could include knots, checks, grain variation, and color variation, characteristics which make each floor truly unique.

When looking for flooring with character, it is important to get a wide board 4-6″ wide or longer.  Also check the specifications for the boards to determine the average length. Some floors come in a random lengths and some are made in all the same length, so it is important to know what you are getting.  By increasing board dimensions, you are dramatically improving the overall look of the floor.

Realistically, wider boards minimize the seams in the floor, and allows the character and color variation to spread out, creating a more balanced look.

Install a Dark Floor

In the olden days the original floor were finished with a variety of products – tung oil, linseed oil, milk paint and turpentine.  Today, those products are a bit old fashioned and present certain challenges to the initial finish process, but more importantly to the long term care and maintenance of the flooring.

Advanced in flooring manufacturing processes have made it easier than ever to create striking colors that embody a variety of styles and designs.  When it comes to a farmhouse style, dark floors are always a great choice.  Dark flooring can help create a sense of age, depth and antiquity.

If you are going to decorate with dark floors do keep in mind that dirt, debris, dog hair and other day to day “inevitables” are going to show up a little more easily, especially if you have a lot of natural light.

There are many styles of flooring you can use to create a farmhouse style floor – high quality wide plank vinyl flooring can be a great choice, as well traditional hardwood flooring or even wide plank laminate flooring.    Flooring manufacturers like Torlys Smart Floors are going to great lengths to create authentic styled and expertly crafted flooring in vinyl and laminate, that truly looks like real wood.

Find a Floor With Some Texture

Cambridge Oak Dark . Dining Room with Cambridge Oak Dark Largo Wide Plank Laminate Flooring

One of the final ways that you can create a farmhouse style floor is to get a floor with some texture.  Texture can be in the form of grain lines, raised grain, and milling “imperfections” that give the floor a unique look.

When you get a floor with texture it immediately give the floor a Farmhouse look.  Some of the original farmhouses are 200+ years old, during their lifetime they have been crawled, walked, ran and cooked on, this creates stains, wear patterns, dings and dents naturally in the floor.  Since most people want to experience this look right away, you can find floating flooring that has been styled with texture as part of the manufacturing process.

Keep in mind that your want your texture to have an authentic look, be sure to order samples to see the product, color and texture in person.

Ready to discover the perfect floor for your farmhouse style floor? Contact us to speak with a flooring specialist.

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