Interior Design Tips to Brighten Up Your Home

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Feeling a little gray? Are the dark winter days making it a little more difficult to brighten up your home? There are some simple tips to freshen up your interior even on those long, dark, winter days.

Update the Floors and Walls

If your room really needs to be brightened up you can update the hard surfaces of the space including your flooring and walls, using a range of white hues throughout a room will immediately brighten up an interior and create a versatile backdrop that you can match just about anything too!

Painting your home during the winter months may seem like the last thing you want to do during over the winter but why not consider a lovely wall tapestry:

Due to new environmental regulations, you can also find many types of low odor, zero VOC paints so if you do decide to tackle that project, add in a nice accent wall, or repaint an entire room you can do so with minimal odors.

Whitewash style flooring, white walls, even white furniture stems from Scandinavian design, originating in Eastern Europe where long winters, mean short days and very little daylight.  Here people do whatever they can to brighten up their homes and offices.  This movement, which began in the 1950’s that also contributed to creating more functional but less cluttered homes and environmentally friendly spaces.

“Subtle, minimalist and functional forms characterized by clean lines and light colors draw inspiration from the Nordic nature and the way of life that, for centuries, revolved around the home.”

When you decorate with white hues it is also very easy to update your accent décor from season to season!  Add in some greens for spring, pinks and purples for summer, and browns, oranges and reds for fall.  White flooring is very popular and available in a variety of styles including wide plank hardwood flooring, wide plank vinyl flooring and wide plank laminate flooring.  Check out some ideas here in the Smart Floor Store inspiration gallery and order some samples of your favorite styles! 

Lighten Up the Windows

With the colder temperatures outside in many parts of the world, it might seem natural to add some extra layers to your windows to keep the heat inside, but this will definitely keep the natural light out.

You can brighten up your windows by switching to sheer curtains instead of thick and heavy wool or fabric curtains.  Some brands of sheer curtains are even insulated to keep the warmth in without blocking all the natural light during the day.

When it comes to decorating your windows during the colder months, be sure to layer with panels and valances so you still let the light in but keep them decorative and design appropriate for your room.

Plant Power  

If you live in a particularly cold part of the world, your trees might be covered with snow and your flowers hibernating under the frozen earth.  One thing you might be craving is the bright color and fragrant scent of some trees, flowers, and plants.

Consider picking up some fresh flowers at your local shop once a week or add a new plant to your spaces; add a terrarium to your window, or pick up some plants that specifically help purify the air like the Peace Lily, Aloe Vera plant or the Spider Plant.

Add Some Shine  

If you want to brighten up your interior this winter, look for ways to capture the natural light where it happens. One way to do this is with mirrors.  Introduce mirrors throughout the room to offer a reflection of light throughout.

Another way is to add metals to the room, perhaps in cabinet fixtures, curtain rods, accents, mirror frames. Consider metallic like silver, brass, copper or rose gold.  In a recent article with CJ Online, Florida Interior Designer Laura Berlson says:

Add “a little glimmer of light” to your living space, Burleson says, by adding shiny elements like metals, cut glass and lucite. These help natural light bounce around a room even when days are short.”

Source: CJ Online

 So as it cools off outside, and you turn inward to the sanctuary of a warm home, be sure to brighten it up with the interior design tips above and keep the fire burning.

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