Flooring 101: The Uniclic Joint Features & Benefits

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Flooring 101: The Uniclic Joint Features & Benefits

There are many design attributes that potential customers look for in a floor, most of them are aesthetic in nature  – how wide is it, how long are the boards, what color is it available in?

But there are structural and intrinsic details that should also top the list of priorities when selecting a new floor.

One of those attributes is the interlocking mechanism used on the flooring.   Phrases like tongue and groove, shiplap edge, square edge are fairly common, but another industry term used is Unliclic®, which describes a type of interlocking mechanism used specifically on floating flooring.

So why is the Uniclic Joint so important? 

Floating flooring requires a Uniclic joint because the intent of a floating floor is to be installed without the use of nails or glue – whether its leather flooring, cork flooring, laminate flooring or traditional hardwood flooring.  Floating flooring makes it so easy to install and transform a room, or an entire home in just a few hours because you don’t need to bother with applying glue to the flooring and subfloor, or even nailing the flooring to the subfloor which saves time and money.

Aren’t all Uniclic joints the same?  

Every floating flooring manufacturer may refer to this phrase “Uniclic” but the design and actual engineering of the Uniclic joint can vary greatly among manufacturers.

There are certain attributes of engineering  design and testing that can be conducted to test the quality of the joint.  For example:

  • How precise is the milling?
  • Are the joints tested against stress to determine performance in questionable conditions?
  • How is the joint designed?

You can use Torlys Smart Floors as a baseline because these floors have been designed with constant lower lip pressure in the joint to prevent pull between the boards caused by stress.  The flooring is milled to within 1/1000 of an inch for a precise fit even among small and large orders.  Each Torlys floor is tested to up to 1,000 pounds of pressure, which helps demonstrate the stability of the product in perhaps less than ideal environment.

Why is this good for me and my flooring?

Floating flooring and the Uniclic joint has created a tremendous opportunity for homeowners, commercial spaces, urban dwellers and other customer populations who want to update, upgrade and remodel their home in a short period of time.  Floating flooring can be installed over a variety of existing flooring system since they don’t need to be nailed or glued down.

So a high-quality floor and Uniclic joint not only makes remodeling so much more convenient but quick and less expensive.  But convenience and efficiency aside, a high-quality Uniclic joint, like the one that has been designed by Torlys, is going to provide many aesthetic benefits as well.

When compared to other floating flooring on the market, Torlys flooring, with their patented Uniclic joint, was noticeably and tremendously more stable than others, and had less risk of warping, cupping or gapping – is a common concern especially with other, lower quality wide plank floors.


The quality of the Uniclic joint can have a big impact on the overall aesthetic and beauty of a room.  But, a high quality Uniclic joint will create stability and improved performance in the wide plank flooring, so clients can spend more time enjoying their floor and less time worrying about the stability of their new floor.

Another added benefit of the Toryls Uniclic joint is the ability to use the Torlys Bulldog replacer tool.  This tool makes it fast and easy if anything should everything damage a board in your floor.



Other floors require additional labor and time to replace it, but with Torlys Smart Floors, available exclusively from SmartFloorStore.com just use the bulldog tool to pop out and replace the damaged board and voila….flooring is back to looking like new!

Ready to gather ideas for your project?  Download our free catalog to learn more about this and the many aspects of Torlys Smart Floors Uniclic joint.


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