Rift and Quartersawn White Oak Flooring

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Customization is endless with our spectacular Rift and Quartersawn White Oak. Harvested from the best regions in the world, the Ohio River Valley and Western New York, our Rift and Quartersawn White Oak grow patiently in the colder climates which nurture tight growth rings and nutty brown, cocoa hues. Using a special cutting technique, the logs are cut at 90-degree angles to produce straight parallel lines that run the length of the plank with vibrant ray flecks radiating across each board. The result is a strikingly beautiful hardwood floor that can be finished for a more organic appeal, or dramatized with almost any stain color, making it perfect for more modern and elegant home decor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is quartersawn White Oak available for engineered, reclaimed or prefinished floors?

At Carlisle, our engineered white oak wood flooring and prefinished white oak flooring can be purchased with quartersawn timber. Reclaimed white oak flooring is not available in quartersawn boards, as the wood is salvaged from old buildings.

Is there a cost difference between plain sawn, rift sawn and quartersawn White Oak?

Because there is more labor and waste of the timber involved, rift sawn boards tend to be more expensive than quartersawn boards. Plain sawn boards are the least expensive, as the cutting method is the most efficient in terms of time and because it makes use of most of the timber.

What’s the difference between rift sawn and quartersawn White Oak flooring?

Rift sawn timber is cut in such a way that every board is cut at a nearly perfect 90° angle from the outer edge of the tree. This produces a very tight and consistent grain pattern and inherently more stable boards.

Is quartersawn White Oak more durable than plain sawn Oak?

Quartersawn White Oak will experience less expansion and contraction than a plain sawn White Oak floor; however, the density and durability will be very similar.

What does quartersawn White Oak flooring look like?

Quartersawn White Oak has a more consistent grain pattern than plain sawn timber, with more rays or flecks in the grain pattern than rift sawn timber.

How is quartersawn White Oak cut?

Quartersawn White Oak is cut by first sawing the timber into quarters, and then slicing each quarter like a loaf of bread at an angle to the surface of the timber.