Custom Rugs & Carpets

Introducing our softer side

Luxurious rugs and carpeting — a perfect complement to wide plank floors.

Naturally Beautiful
Only the Best Fibers

Made of Just Shorn® New Zealand Wool

When you purchase a custom carpet from Carlisle you have our guarantee that it has been made with only the finest wool and natural fibers available. All fibers are sustainably sourced and come from partners like New Zealand’s Just Shorn®, a provider of some of the softest and finest wool in the world. All of our partners maintain the highest standards of quality, environmental care and animal welfare.


Artisan Craftsmanship & Quality

Each one of our custom carpets is created specifically for you by exceptional designers, artisans and best-in-class manufacturers. This means you will be the recipient of a rug or carpet that is a sustainably made natural product of superior quality and beauty — an ideal enhancement to your living space.




Naturally Beautiful
See Just Shorn Sheep in New Zealand Habitat


1. The Classic Collection
Elegant Wool Carpets and Area Rugs

The Woodlands of New Zealand 

The Woodlands of New Zealand is a featured line of the Classic Collection. These all natural, sustainably made carpets are hand crafted using pure Just Shorn® New Zealand wool and the most reliable tufting techniques and technologies available. The collection is available in wall-to-wall carpeting or area rugs. The Woodlands of New Zealand has a number of specially curated textures and color options available  — including custom color matching.

1. The Classic Collection
2. Decorative Collection
Hand Crafted and Hand Knotted Area Rugs

A Curated Collection of Fine Hand-Crafted Area Rugs

These beautiful Just Shorn® wool rugs are created to your specifications and colors. There are a variety of rug patterns available and over 100 colors to choose from. Each design comes in a number of shapes and sizes, and can be fully customized by adding any number of unique fibers and textural patterns (ranging from fine denier wool to thick felted). Our hand-crafted custom options give you unlimited creativity by allowing you to actually create designs of your own.


Kambala : Hand-Knotted Rugs Traditionally Crafted by Artisans

The Decorative Collection includes the Kambala line. This line includes hand-knotted artisan rugs from Nepal. In addition to Just Shorn® New Zealand wool, these rugs can be  created from natural fibers such as Silk, Allo, Sunpat, Hemp. The fibers are knotted in many ways, resulting in a variety of designs, unique patterns and luxurious textures. Since they are created by master weavers, the carpets can be any size and can be woven using any pattern or color. These fine Tibetan rugs come from a reputable source — someone who believes in giving back to the weaving community by supporting the development of regional schools and hospitals. Rugs from this line include one-of-a-kind custom work, and traditional and modern Tibetan patterns.



2. Decorative Collection
3. The Designer Collection
Custom Rugs by Prominent Interior Designers

Contemporary Patterns by Interior Designers

Our hand-crafted custom rugs feature contemporary patterns inspired by interior designers. There are a variety of rug patterns available and over 100 colors to choose from. Each design comes in a number of shapes and sizes, and can be customized by incorporating different colors or adding any number of unique fibers (ranging from fine denier wool to thick felted). In addition to the existing designer line, our hand-crafted custom option gives you unlimited creativity by allowing you to create designs of your own, from scratch.

3. The Designer Collection

For over 50 years Carlisle has provided the world’s most beautiful floors, crafted with unmatched pride, passion and purpose. It has always been important for us to produce naturally sourced, custom designed, sustainable products that are beautiful, durable and make a positive difference in people’s lives.


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