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Carlisle has over 50 years experience designing and crafting wide plank floors for installation throughout residential and commercial applications. We offer the most comprehensive selection of solid wood floors and engineered wood flooring to accommodate all of your installation needs. There is no “trick” to installing a Carlisle floor. In fact, many installers we work with prefer installing Carlisle floors because:

  • The floors available from Carlisle can be installed at, above or below grade
  • They are some of the best floors for installation on radiant heat, concrete slab or in waterfront environments
  • Wider, longer boards means there are fewer boards to install
  • They can be installed using a combination of nails, staples and/or glue, or direct glue down installation — all of which are industry-accepted installation methods.
  • Our prefinished wood floors save time because there is no sanding, staining or finishing required on site

R & E Hallstrom Homeowner
We researched a number of wide plank flooring providers – both locally and nationally – and settled on Carlisle due to your experience and knowledge. From the initial discussions on the various flooring options and ordering the floor to receiving and installing it, we were very impressed with the service we received. I found it a pleasure to work with someone who was so knowledgeable of the floor and installation/finishing.

Recommendations & Tips

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors handcrafts its wood flooring products to the highest standards of quality, as such, they can be installed using several different options. Because conditions for each wood flooring project are unique, the ability to recommend one single installation method for all scenarios is not feasible. There are many variables involved with the installation of wood flooring, but one thing remains certain; if wood flooring is not installed properly nor in suitable environmental conditions, it will not perform properly, regardless of the high-quality nature of the flooring.

Carlisle recommends the 2012 Wood Flooring Installation Guidelines and Methods from the National Wood Flooring Association as the basis for successful installation and long-term performance of Carlisle wide plank flooring. This guide provides detailed instructions and recommendations for installation of wood flooring materials in all suitable environments and is accepted as the industry’s standard.

We also offer helpful tip sheets, upon order placement. Carlisle handcrafts the finest flooring available. Through the use of proper installation techniques you can maximize the beauty and durability of your new Carlisle wide plank floor and be assured it will stand the test of time.