American Walnut Floor

An American Walnut floor always makes a statement.

There’s nothing like the rich, chocolate hues of an American Walnut floor for creating a stunning surface on which to live or work. Solid Walnut flooring is among the most popular flooring options for homeowners and woodworkers alike. The colors of this domestic hardwood range from lighter, creamy white sapwood to dark mocha hues in the heartwood. Grain patterns are typically tight and consistent, though it’s also possible to find floorboards with a wide variety of grain variations that add personality and visual interest. Highly versatile in the styles it can create, an American Walnut floor will look right at home in a contemporary city loft, an elegant formal sitting room, a rustic country kitchen – and everything in between.

What is a wide plank American Walnut floor?

A wide plank American Walnut floor is exactly what it sounds like – a Walnut floor made with floorboards that are exceptionally wide. Standard unfinished Walnut flooring comes in widths that are 2¼” to 3″ wide; a wide plank American Walnut floor from Carlisle may use planks that are 8″ to 10″ or wider – even up to 16″. The result is a floor with far fewer seams, creating a less busy look. A wide plank American Walnut floor also allows the grain patterns and personality in the wood to be in the foreground, rather than obscured by a choppy appearance.

Why choose an American Walnut floor?

An American Walnut floor may be right for you if you’re looking for a floor that:

Has a dark appearance. Walnut is the premier choice of hardwoods for customers looking for a rich, dark flooring surface.
Offers versatility. The beauty of an American Walnut floor can complement any design scheme.
Can add value to your home. Walnut floors are considered an excellent investment.

Customizing your American Walnut floor.

Carlisle wide plank floors can be easily customized to create a floor that is uniquely yours in – the perfect expression of your design aesthetic.

It starts with the grade of the wood – we offer a variety of proprietary grades that reveal more or less variation in color, grain patterns, knots and other hardwood characteristics.

Next, decide on the width of your floorboards. Your American Walnut floor can be fashioned from floorboards up to 16″ wide. You also have the choice of using boards with consistent widths to produce a clean and uniform look, or of changing up the widths to add more visual interest.

Adding texture to your floor can help to create a unique and aged appearance. Techniques like Hand Scraped Edges and Brushed or Watermill methods give new floorboards the look of wood floors that were milled 100 years ago and that have been lived on for generations.

You can always change the color of your American Walnut floor with a stain – Carlisle offers a virtually unlimited assortment of color possibilities.

And finally, during installation, you might consider a parquet pattern instead of the standard straight-line look. Patterns like Herringbone, Chevron and Versailles are reemerging as elegant design choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How hard is an American Walnut floor?

American Walnut hardwood has a Janka hardness rating of 1010, making it softer than most other varieties of hardwood flooring material. Nevertheless, American Walnut is quite durable and with the right care can easily hold its luster and form for decades.

What are recommendations for how to clean an American Walnut floor?

You may clean an American Walnut floor with the same products as any other hardwood flooring surface. A simple mixture of vinegar and water works well (1 or 2 ounces of vinegar to 2 gallons of water), as vinegar has a natural acidity that helps to loosen and wash away dirt and contaminants.

What is a prefinished American Walnut floor?

Prefinished Walnut flooring is fashioned from the same floorboards as unfinished Walnut flooring, but it is sanded, stained and sealed by the manufacturer before it is delivered for installation. Prefinished flooring not only speeds installation but lets the home or business owner avoid the mess of sawdust and stain and the inconvenience of needing to vacate the property for a day or two while the floor is sealed.

Can an American Walnut floor be stained?

Yes. You may stain an American Walnut floor in a variety of colors, though most people prefer stains that result in dark Walnut floors.

What is a Black Walnut floor and how is it different from an American Walnut floor?

Black Walnut flooring is simply another name for an American Walnut floor. Both are made with floorboards cut from American Black Walnut timbers.

Carlisle: your #1 source for an American Walnut floor.

For more than five decades, Carlisle has been a world leader in delivering wide plank floors for museums, boutiques, restaurants and beautiful homes everywhere. Every floor produced by Carlisle is a handcrafted masterpiece – a singular design feature that elevates the beauty and aesthetic of any room. Our floors are built by true artisans – New England craftsman with a passion for perfection and a love and feel for fine wood. No detail is too small to escape their attention – they inspect, sand, stain and work each board to painstakingly create a floor that will exceed your expectations.

The quality of our floors is matched only by the quality of our remarkable customer service. From exploring your choices in hardwoods to selecting colors, wood grades, textures and patterns, you’ll find your journey in designing your Carlisle floor to be as pleasurable as living on it.