Antique Hardwood Flooring

Give your space more character with antique hardwood flooring.

Antique hardwood flooring can transform any room. Antique flooring is salvaged, or “reclaimed” from historic buildings in only certain parts of the country. You can feel the history of this young country in every wide plank board be it antique chestnut, heart pine or oak floor – every nail hole, knot and stain or worm hole provides a reminder of the early inhabitants who settled these lands and built things to last. Antique hardwood flooring offers a rich, warm comfort and infuses character into every room.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors is the most requested supplier of antique hardwood flooring, offering reclaimed wood floor products in a variety of hardwoods as well as expert advice in the design and installation of an antique floor.

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Carlisle antique hardwood flooring offers a connection to the past.

Carlisle antique flooring is a 100% genuine antique floor. With Carlisle antique flooring, you get a direct connection to America’s industrious past and the people who valued durability and built things to last.

Antique hardwood flooring available from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.

Carlisle antique flooring comes in a variety of hardwoods and finishes. Antique Oak wood floors feature strong grain and hues that run from amber to gold to nutty brown. Our oak wood floor products are salvaged from buildings along the Ohio River and western Pennsylvania. Antique Chestnut, varies in light brown and dark cocoa colors, and features unique wormhole markings, caused by bugs that ate the trees after a blight in the early 1900s. The deep ambers and pumpkin hues of Antique Heart Pine give it a classic look, and Carlisle offers three unique grades allowing you to choose how rustic or formal you want your floor to look.

Carlisle’s more rustic options in antique hardwood include Milled Barnwood and Original Surface Milled Barnwood, taken from barns in strategic areas of the country. Grandpa’s Wood Floor, our most rustic product, is recycled from the floor boards and hardwood flooring joists of older buildings.

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