Creating the Look of Antique Hickory Flooring

Transform your space with the appearance of antique Hickory flooring.

When you want the time-worn beauty and rustic charm of antique Hickory flooring, you have a couple options. You could pay a handsome fee for reclaimed hickory flooring that salvages wood from century-old homes, factories and barns. Or you could design and order distressed hickory flooring from Carlisle for a fraction of the cost. As an innovator in hardwood floors for more than 50 years, Carlisle craftsmen are experts at distressing new hickory wood floors to produce the look of antique Hickory flooring. Our artisans have even developed several proprietary techniques exclusive to Carlisle that help to transform brand-new floors into time-worn masterpieces that reflect the heritage and craftsmanship of surfaces from a bygone era.

Wide planks add more character to antique Hickory flooring.

At Carlisle, we specialize in wide plank floors – surfaces made from floorboards that are as much as 20” wide and up to 12’ long. When viewed next to traditional hardwood flooring with boards that are less than 3” wide and 3’ long, you can immediately see why wide plank floors are so desirable. The width of our hardwood hickory flooring adds a sense of spaciousness, elegance and distinctive beauty to any residential or commercial space, while allowing the personality and grain patterns of the wood to fully emerge. Wide plank versions of antique Hickory flooring are especially effective, as the wider boards allow the distressing techniques to be featured prominently.

How Carlisle gets that antique Hickory flooring look.

Our craftsman using number of techniques, some exclusive to Carlisle, to transform pristine Hickory timber into boards that seem to have been hand-cut and crafted more than a century ago. Our Hit or Miss method add the kind of saw swirls or “kerfs” that were the byproduct of sawmills at the turn of the previous century. Hand-scraped edge techniques recreate the smoothing of the ends of boards that woodworkers once performed in order to straighten edges before fitting planks together. Handscraped hickory flooring is one of the most popular forms of antique Hickory flooring today. Footworn techniques reproduce the undulating patterns of boards that have been worn down over time, where softer grains have been worn away and denser grains remain slightly raised.

Timeworn methods add decades of age to any board, recreating the look of reclaimed antique Hickory flooring.

Brushed techniques, a Carlisle innovation, give floorboards a soft and gently worn texture with very fine brush markings that de-gloss and un-smooth the floor for dramatic results. Watermill techniques replicate the look of floors whose boards were originally sawn at Riverside water mills, where the wood was never planed or scraped smooth, leaving distinctive saw marks that were eventually softened by foot traffic.

More ways to recreate an antique Hickory flooring installation.

In addition to distressing techniques, there are many other options for customizing your wide plank Hickory floors or antique Hickory flooring from Carlisle. Color is, of course, the biggest game changer. Where many other flooring companies offer only a limited selection of stain colors, Carlisle provides a nearly unlimited assortment of color possibilities. Antique Hickory flooring can be stained in a broad range of hues to meet the needs of any interior design scheme. Pattern is another way to introduce a stunning design element into your anti-Hickory flooring. From Chevron and Herringbone to Versailles or custom parquet patterns, considering all the options for how your planks are installed is an easy way to transform your space. The structure of your floor is another possibility. Carlisle engineered hickory flooring provides an excellent option for spaces that are below ground, like basements, or in situations where temperature, moisture and humidity may fluctuate a great deal. Engineered flooring from Carlisle can be distressed with several of the techniques described above. Finally, choosing boards of a consistent width will produce a floor that has an even, uniform look, while varying the width adds more visually compelling rustic detail to your flooring surface.

Why choose distressed Hickory flooring from Carlisle?

Since 1966, Carlisle has been a leader and innovator in wide plank flooring, producing masterpieces in wood for museums, retail stores, trendy restaurants and beautiful homes throughout the world. Our commitment to quality and excellence is second to none. We are dedicated to creating legendary works of art for exceptional spaces that are the perfect expression of the sense of style of the homeowners and business owners who commission them. Our approach to producing antique Hickory flooring combines tradition and new technologies to produce the kind of floors that will infuse a space with warmth, character and age-worn beauty, delighting and amazing you every time you enter the room. CTA