Ash Hardwood Flooring

Ash hardwood flooring When you want a truly exceptional floor, Ash hardwood flooring delivers versatility, flair and durability. Prized for its large swirling grain patterns and rich color variations that run from blonde to gold to rich nutty brown hues, Ash floors can also be easily stained to a wide variety of colors, thanks to its lack of tannins. With more neutral and natural hues, Ash hardwood flooring makes it easy to achieve specific color tones as you design the perfect surface for your home or business. And with unique elasticity and amazing durability, ash wood flooring can be counted on stay strong and resilient for years to come.

Wide plank Ash hardwood flooring – for a truly unique look.

When luxury wood flooring is your desire, wide plank Ash hardwood flooring can elevate the style and elegance of any room. At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, our ash boards come in lengths up to 12 feet and widths from 4-10” That’s nearly 3 times longer and twice as wide as the largest commercial hardwood flooring strips. The result: fewer seams and a less busy appearance that lets the true quality of the wood come to the fore

The benefits of Ash hardwood flooring.

Choose ash floors when you want:
• A distinctive look: the meandering grain of ash planks – especially the Northern White Ash used in Carlisle flooring – offers a unique and natural beauty.
• Versatile color: Ash hardwood flooring can be stained in a wide variety of hues to meet the needs of any interior design.
• A strong surface: the density and durability of Ash floors deliver decades of stability.

Ways to customize your Ash hardwood flooring.

Ash hardwood flooring can be customized in many ways to create a distinct and unforgettable flooring masterpiece for your home or business.

Choose a color and pattern Ash hardwood flooring can be finished in a wide variety of color options. At Carlisle, we offer an unlimited assortment of color possibilities to match any design need. Ash can also be installed in a variety of patterns, from the traditional parallel planks to a Chevron, Herringbone, Versailles or custom parquet pattern. Patterned floors provide dramatic focal points and distinctive elegance.

Choose a texture For an antique, centuries-old look, you can choose reclaimed flooring that salvages old boards from factory and barnwood floors, or you can choose to distress a new floor with hand treatments like Hit or Miss marks, Watermill marks and Hand-Scraped Edges.

Choose your width Carlisle produces boards that range from 4-10”” in width. The wider the planks, the more luxurious and elegant your floor will feel. Choosing a consistent width creates a uniform look, while mixing widths can create more visual interest.

Choose your structure Carlisle Ash floors are available both in solid hardwood and in durable engineered wood flooring. Engineered floors are made of a layer of hardwood on top of multiple layers of backing and are most suitable for areas where it is desirable to control expansion and contraction through a relatively moderate range of humidity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Janka rating of Ash hardwood flooring?

Ash has a Janka hardness factor of 1320, making it softer than Hickory and Maple but harder than Red Oak. The Janka scale rates the relative hardness of wood species and is based on the force required to embed a steel ball into the wood.

Are there instructions for how to stain light ash hardwood floor?

When you purchase a stain for your Ash hardwood flooring, it should include specific instructions for application. In general, the stain must be applied to the floor before it is finished with a sealant like polyurethane. If the floor has already been sealed – that is, if you want to stain a floor that has already been finished – you will need to strip and sand the finish before you stain. While it’s possible to stain a floor on your own as a DIY project, hiring an experienced flooring professional will be likely to give you a more consistent and uniform look.

How durable is Ash hardwood flooring?

Ash hardwood flooring is amazingly dense and durable, yet has a unique elasticity. Ash is an excellent choice for a floor that will last for years and that will be resistant to dents and wear.

What are recommendations for how to clean solid ash wood floors?

As with any hardwood floor, vinegar and water works well for day-to-day cleaning. One or 2 ounces of white vinegar in 2 gallons of water is a good mix. The vinegar’s natural acidity strips away many contaminants and dirt from the floor, and vinegar is safe both for the floor and for the environment. For deeper cleaning, a product like LOBA Hardwood Floor Cleaner may be used.

Any suggestions for how to protect Ash hardwood flooring?

Here are a few suggestions for keeping Ash hardwood flooring looking like new.
• A heavy-duty welcome mat can help to keep dirt and stones from scratching your floors.
• Encouraging guests to take off their shoes will help to keep your Ash hardwood flooring pristine.
• Protecting your floor from moisture with a bathmat, a mat at the kitchen sink or a protective mat by the back door can help to avoid water damage.
• Keep humidity levels between 30% and 55% inside the home to prevent against excessive movement in your planks.
• Trim your pets’ nails frequently or use runner rugs to protect your floors.
• Use a touchup pen to address specific spots of wear.

What is ash wood flooring?

Ash hardwood flooring is a flooring surface made from ash, a hardwood species known for its durability and warm color tones that run from cream to light blonde to nutty brown hues.

Why choose Carlisle for Ash hardwood flooring?

When you want the absolute best in Ash hardwood flooring and other wide plank flooring surfaces, there is no other choice but Carlisle. Since 1966, the Carlisle name has represented leadership, innovation and tradition in wide plank floors worldwide. From the expertise and skill of our artisan craftsmen to the unparalleled service and expert guidance we offer at every turn, you’ll find that Carlisle makes producing your masterpiece in Ash hardwood flooring a pleasurable and thrilling experience. The extraordinary quality of our floors is matched only by our dedication to detail. Our floors are found in museums, trendy retail stores, upscale restaurants and beautiful homes throughout the world. Truly nothing compares to the beauty, superior strength, grain density, stability and performance of Carlisle Ash hardwood flooring.