Ash Wood Flooring

Interested in Ash wood flooring? Here are answers to all your questions.

Ash hardwood flooring: a simply beautiful choice. Ash hardwood flooring makes floors with distinctive visual flair and tensile strength that is perfect for everything from urban lofts to traditional homes to beachside cottages. The perfect combination of unique elasticity and amazing density, Ash hardwood flooring offers a bit more visual interest than the standard Oak floor. And because of its lack of tannins it can be stained easily to achieve a variety of color tones. Interesting and meandering grain patterns and striking hues that range from light blonde to nutty brown help to make Ash wood flooring a dramatic choice for any home or business.

Wide plank Ash wood flooring: a stunning and luxurious design feature.

Wide plank floors like those provided by Carlisle add distinctive beauty to any setting. Wide plank floors use boards that range from 4” to10” in width, rather than the 2” to 3” strips used in traditional commercial flooring. Wider and longer planks make for fewer seams in the floor and allow the grain and personality of the hardwood to be appreciated more easily. With wide plank Ash wood flooring, your hardwood floor becomes an exceptional part of the design of your home or business, rather than simply a surface to walk on.

What are the benefits of Ash wood flooring?

Ash floors offer greater durability – their density makes them less prone to dents and wear. Ash is also a highly versatile wood that can be finished in a variety of stains and hues to meet the needs of any interior design. And with prominent and fascinating grain patterns, Ash wood flooring provides great visual interest when created with wide planks that allow the personality of the wood to shine.

Ash wood flooring: one of many options for wide plank floors.

While Ash is certainly a wonderful option for hardwood flooring, it is just one of a dozen possibilities for your wide plank high end wood flooring at Carlisle.
Other options include:
• Birch wood makes for unique and captivating floors where each plank offers varying grain patterns with blonde outer edges and warm amber portions.
• Cherry comes in rich deep red tones with subtle but distinctive grain structure. Over time, a Cherrywood floor will mature to a rich and burnished auburn color.
• Hickory is one of the most durable woods for hardwood flooring and comes in hues that range from cocoa brown to beige.
• Brown Maple floors are dense with clear, hard flowing grain and occasional swirls, with hues in rich brown streaks and striking variations in color and character.
• White Maple provides grain patterns that resemble flowing water, with cleaner and lighter hues that deliver a pure and neutral look when finished in its natural color tones.
• Red Oak offers tight, consistent grain patterns and salmon-colored hues,
• White Oak offers has a dramatic grain personality that ranges from intricate, vibrant swirls to sleek and simple patterns in nutty brown hues.
• Rift & Quartersawn White Oak delivers a straight and consistent grain pattern, thanks to a special technique that cuts planks at 90° angles from center.
• Walnut offers sumptuous chocolate hues with distinctive grain and gorgeous color variations. Reclaimed flooring, or antique wood flooring, is flooring made farm, factory and barnwood planks that have been salvaged from centuries-old buildings. Reclaimed wood floors provide a warm and highly distinctive look and feel that adds unique personality to any space. Many of these species are available as solid wood flooring or engineered wood flooring and can be provided as prefinished or unfinished hardwood flooring, depending on your needs and requirements. And we also offer Pine flooring options that include Eastern White Pine, Heart Pine and Hit or Miss Pine floors.

At Carlisle, our customer service is as legendary as our Ash wood flooring.

While there are many decisions to make when choosing and customizing your Ash wood flooring, the unparalleled service and expert guidance you will receive from Carlisle staff members will help to make the process fun and exciting. Our design consultants will help you identify the choices in wood, grade and finish that will make your wide plank floor a highly prized feature of your home or business – and something that will continue to impress and delight you every time you walk through the door. Your floor will be finished to your exact specifications, crafted by artisans who take their time to examine every board to make sure the full potential of the wood is realized and that the floor will live up to your standards and ours. When it comes to delivery and installation, our team takes great care in the packaging of your floor and the scheduling of your delivery. And should you or your installer need it, help is always just a phone call away.

Carlisle: the premier source for wide plank Ash wood flooring.

For more than 50 years, Carlisle has been creating the world’s best wide plank floors – masterpieces in wood that are truly an expression of each homeowner’s or business owner’s personality and style. We offer a customized experience designed to guide you through your many choices in woods, colors, grades, styles and options. Our artisans are true craftsmen who painstakingly handcraft your floor to create masterpieces in Ash wood flooring and other hardwood species. Our forest-to-floor ethic ensures that our process is sustainable. And with unparalleled service and expert guidance throughout the process, we make the creation of your one-of-a-kind Ash wood flooring a pleasurable and unique experience.