Barnwood Floors

Create a distinctive look with Barnwood floors. Barnwood floors add rich texture, warmth and history to residential and commercial interiors – it’s no wonder they are in high demand today. But what are Barnwood floors exactly, and what options are available as you design a space with Barnwood planks? This short primer offers answers to all your questions about Barnwood floors and other types of reclaimed solid hardwood flooring.

What are Barnwood floors?

Barnwood floors are floors that are made with floorboards fashioned from wood that has been salvaged from old barns that are slated for demolition. The planks for Barnwood floors may be made cut from original Barnwood floorboards or from other timber like joists, beams and barn siding. These timbers may be milled and sanded to produce boards that are suitable for installation and use as flooring or left in their more rustic form to add a more textured look as panels for walls and ceilings.

What are the benefits of Barnwood floors?

Barnwood floors have character and a sense of history that only time can create. Barnwood planks may have nail holes, splits in the boards, original saw marks, unique color variations and even bullet holes – all remnants from the decades or centuries of use and wear. Barnwood creates a highly distinctive look and adds warmth and personality to floors and spaces in a way that no other flooring material can. CTA

What’s the difference between Barnwood floors, antique floors and reclaimed floors?

Barnwood floors are specifically made from timbers found in barns. Reclaimed floors and antique floors (the terms are synonymous) also use old timbers, but these may come from factories, homes or other buildings in addition to barns.

What’s the difference between Barnwood floors and distressed flooring?

While Barnwood floors use centuries-old timbers that have been weathered and aged naturally, distressed floors use brand-new floorboards that are treated to look as if they are decades or centuries old. Distressing techniques include adding saw swirls and kerfs to reproduce the appearance of boards that were cut and milled at old-time sawmills, as well as weathering techniques that give boards the appearance of having been worn down by age and foot traffic. Hand-scraped edges are another popular technique, re-creating the appearance of boards that were once prepared and straightened by hand. CTA

Options for Barnwood floors and reclaimed flooring.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, we offer two types of Barnwood surfaces and four additional options for reclaimed flooring.
• Reclaimed Milled Barnwood floorboards have been salvaged from barns and milled to prepare them for use as suitable flooring in homes and businesses. Our Milled Barnwood floorboards offer a unique combination of colors and imperfections, where every variation of color, stain, nail holes, knots and splits reflects an enduring history.
• Reclaimed Original Surface Barnwood is perfect for wall and ceiling panels. These timbers retain their rough, weathered and rustic appearance, adding texture and character to residential or business interiors. Original Surface Barnwood is salvaged from old barns around northern New England and along the Canadian border, were colder temperatures help preserve the wood more successfully.
• Reclaimed Grandpa’s flooring is another option for a rustic appearance. These boards, salvaged from old floorboards and structural joists, feature more knots and grains, color and texture variations, nail holes and even bullet holes, providing a richly varied and one-of-a-kind surface.
• Reclaimed Heart Pine is salvaged from old mills and factories around New England and offers a rich color palette with strong grain.
• Reclaimed Oak wood flooring is prized for its strong, prominent grain pattern and an exceptional array of colors that range from nutty brown to blonde tones.
• Reclaimed Chestnut is one of the rarest of reclaimed flooring options, as this hardwood tree was all but wiped out by a tragic blight in the early 1900s. Reclaimed Chestnut floors offer rich colors that vary from light brown to darker cocoa. In addition to Barnwood floors and reclaimed flooring, Carlisle offers a wide range of new wide plank hardwood floors – everything from unfinished Birch flooring, Ash flooring and Maple flooring to prefinished Hickory and Cherry flooring and engineered Walnut and Oak flooring.

Tips for purchasing and installing Barnwood floors.

As you search for the best options for Barnwood floors, it’s important to investigate and get answers to several critical questions to ensure that your flooring surface will meet your high expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do your boards need sanding?

Depending on the quality of the subfloor, sanding the boards may not be necessary. Some customers prefer the rough spots, mill marks and other imperfections in un-sanded boards while customers with small children may prefer more smooth surfaces.

Are the boards kiln dried?

Many people assume that reclaimed wood does not need to be kiln dried because it is so old. However, it’s important that Barnwood planks are kiln dried to prevent negative developments like cupping or crowning, and to rid the wood of insect infestations.

What kind of wood are the floorboards cut from?

The best Barnwood floors are crafted from thick timbers like wall paneling, thick floorboards, joists, beams and carrier timbers. These materials provide more stable floorboards while also maintaining the character of reclaimed planks.

Where does the Barnwood come from?

Certain parts of the country produce better and stronger hardwoods. For example, Oak Barnwood from the south will look different than material source from the Ohio River Valley, which is where the best Oak is grown.

Carlisle: the leading North American provider of Barnwood floors.

Since 1966, the Carlisle name has been associated with leadership, innovation and tradition in high quality hardwood flooring. Our floors are found in museums, trendy retail stores, upscale restaurants and exceptional homes throughout the world. We are also the most requested supplier of reclaimed floors and Barnwood floors in North America. The quality of our craftsmanship and the excellence of our customer service has helped us secure our reputation as one of the finest providers of wide plank and reclaimed floors in the industry. Every Carlisle floor is handcrafted to reflect the unique aesthetic and sense of style and beauty of the homeowner or business owner. Our skilled craftsmen painstakingly examine every board to make sure it is the best match for your floor and that every detail meets your high standards. A Carlisle floor is truly one-of-a-kind – a defining feature of your space that will amaze and delight you every time you walk through the door.