Barnwood Planks

Creating floors with Barnwood planks. Floors made with Barnwood planks are in high demand today as homeowners and business owners look for unique ways to add charm and character to their spaces. But what are Barnwood planks exactly, and how does one go about designing a floor with these rustic timbers? In this brief introduction, we’ll take a look at the ins and outs of Barnwood floors and the many options available to you from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.

What are the benefits of floors made with Barnwood planks?

Durable hardwood floors made with Barnwood planks have a rich texture, character and sense of heritage that can’t be reproduced with other flooring materials. Every Barnwood floor is completely unique – the age and flaws in the boards create a sense of personality and authenticity that can’t be reproduced with modern materials.

What’s the difference between Barnwood planks and reclaimed or antique planks?

Barnwood planks are one type of reclaimed or antique plank. Barnwood planks are specifically made with wood salvaged from old barns, while reclaimed or antique planks may be made with wood salvaged from old homes, factories and other buildings in addition to barns.

What’s the difference between Barnwood planks and distressed floorboards?

Barnwood planks are made from wood that is decades or centuries old, while distressed floorboards are made from new wood that is treated to make it look old. Distressed floorboards may be textured to re-create saw marks or hand-scraped edges, or they may be treated to reproduce the worn and weathered look of boards that have been lived on and walked upon for years.

Options for Barnwood planks and other reclaimed floors.

As a leading provider of wide plank floors, Carlisle offers a variety of options for reclaimed floors and floors featuring Barnwood planks. Our Reclaimed Milled Barnwood flooring features Barnwood planks with unique combinations of colors and imperfections. Every stain, knot, split or nail hole is retained to give each board a sense of character and heritage. Additionally, we offer Reclaimed Original Surface Barnwood boards that feature a more weathered and rustic look. These Barnwood planks, salvaged from interior and exterior materials of old barns in northern New England and along the Canadian border, are perfect for use as wall and ceiling panels to give spaces a unique antique or rustic appearance.

Our additional reclaimed flooring options include:
• Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring, made with materials salvaged from beams and floor joists of mills and factories around New England and featuring boards with a rich color palette and strong grain patterns.
• Reclaimed Oak flooring, made with boards that offer strong and prominent grain patterns and a remarkable array of colors for a distinguished Old World look.
• Reclaimed Grandpa’s flooring, made with boards that feature more knots, saw marks, nail holes and even bullet holes for the most rustic appearance.
• Reclaimed Chestnut flooring, made with rare antique chestnut boards that come in rich colors from light brown to darker cocoa.

Tips for choosing and installing Barnwood planks.

When considering Barnwood planks for your home or business, it’s important to ask specific questions of the company manufacturing the wood for you. If the Barnwood planks you purchase are not high quality, your installers will have a hard time creating the timeless wood floor you desire. Questions to ask include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do your boards need sanding?

Depending on the quality of the subfloor, sanding the boards may not be necessary. Some customers prefer the rough spots, mill marks and other imperfections in un-sanded boards while customers with small children may prefer more smooth surfaces.

Are the boards kiln dried?

Many people assume that reclaimed wood does not need to be kiln dried because it is so old. However, it’s important that Barnwood planks are kiln dried to prevent negative developments like cupping or crowning, and to rid the wood of insect infestations.

What kind of wood are the floorboards cut from?

The best Barnwood floors are crafted from thick timbers like wall paneling, thick floorboards, joists, beams and carrier timbers. These materials provide more stable floorboards while also maintaining the character of reclaimed planks.

Where does the Barnwood come from?

Certain parts of the country produce better and stronger hardwoods. For example, Oak Barnwood from the south will look different than material source from the Ohio River Valley, which is where the best Oak is grown.

Carlisle: the premier source for Barnwood planks and wide plank floors.

Carlisle has been a leading provider of solid hardwood flooring for more than 50 years. Our one-of-a-kind floors can be found in museums, trendy boutiques, upscale restaurants and exceptional homes throughout the world. Whether you are searching for reclaimed floors made with Barnwood planks or for brand-new finished hardwood flooring, you can count on extraordinary quality and remarkable service when you come to Carlisle. Our craftsmen are true artisans with a love and feel for fine wood; they believe every grain pattern and every color variation tells a story that will eventually unfold in the floor of your dreams. Your Carlisle wide plank floor will be painstakingly handcrafted, inspected and treated to ensure that every detail lives up to our high standards – and yours. When it comes to customer service, our goal is to make the process of designing your floor as pleasurable as living on it. Our team is available at every step of the way to make sure you get exactly what you want, or to help you explore all your options for wood types and grades, color of stain, width of boards, possible textures and installation patterns. Your Carlisle floor will truly be an expression of your sense of style and taste and a defining feature of your space that will delight you for years to come.