Birch Flooring

Answers to all your questions about Birch flooring.

Birch flooring offers dramatic beauty that stands out in any home or business. Known for its warm color tones – from pale yellow to light red with hints of brown – Birch has grain patterns that range from subtle swirls to flame-like effects that seem to dance across the wood. When you’re looking for high end wood flooring that feel organic but don’t overwhelm with heavy character or loud grain patterns, Birch flooring is the perfect surface to add life to your space without feeling overly rustic.

What is wide plank Birch flooring?

Wide plank Birch hardwood floors use floorboards that may be 4-12” in wide. The result, especially when compared to commercial flooring that uses boards 2 ¼” to 3” wide, is a floor that feels much less cluttered with seams and that allows the beauty and character of the wood to emerge as a stunning design feature. With wide plank Birch flooring from Carlisle, grain patterns take on major focus and the unique composition appearance of our wide plank Birch floorsinfuses any space with a sense of luxury and elegance.

Why select Birch flooring for a home or business?

Birch floors are the perfect surface when you want…
• Intriguing color tones and grain combinations.
• A floor that can be equally at home in traditional and contemporary settings.
• Hardwood that can be stained to many different hues and finishes.
• A floor with neutral hues that can help to lighten and warm a room.

How can I customize Birch flooring?

Birch flooring can be easily customized to suit the needs of any design aesthetic and to provide a unique and distinctive look for any space.

Choice of grade At Carlisle, we’ve developed proprietary grades to help you get the exact look you want. From rustic to luxurious and everything in between, the grade of your Birch flooring is the first place to start when designing your masterpiece in wood.

The right width We offer Birch flooring with plank widths from 4” to 12”. The wider your boards, the more luxurious your floor will feel. Keeping widths consistent offers a more uniform look, while varying the widths of your floorboard can create a more unusual and interesting look.

Natural or stain? Leaving your Birch flooring unstained will bring out its natural and warm hues, but you may also wish to stain it to tie your flooring surface in with the rest of your space. At Carlisle, we offer a virtually unlimited selection of hues and stains.

A choice in texture In addition to the smooth finish of traditional Birch flooring, you may choose to apply texture treatments like Timeworn, Watermill, Footwear and or Hit or Miss marks that give your floor an antique warmth and lived-in feel. (Another way to get the same effect is to design a floor with wood that has been reclaimed from century-old factories, farmhouses and barnwood floors.)

Patterns create interest A parquet Herringbone, Chevron or Versailles pattern immediately elevates your Birch flooring to a new level of elegance and interest. Carlisle offers both unfinished Birch flooring and prefinished hardwood flooring, where the stain and sealant is applied at the factory and the floor arrives ready to be installed quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How durable is Birch flooring?

Yellow birch, with a Janka rating of 1260, is among the softness of the hardwood used for flooring. Consequently, Birch flooring may be best suited for places that don’t get heavy traffic.

You have any suggestions for how to clean birch hardwood flooring?

For day-to-day cleaning, vinegar and water works well. You can mix a small amount of white vinegar, one or 2 ounces, with a couple gallons of water. Vinegar’s acidic quality helps to strip away dirt and contaminants without damaging the floor or the environment. For deeper cleaning, you may use LOBA Hardwood Floor Cleaner.

What is engineered Birch flooring?

Engineered Birch flooring is a fabricated floor with a veneer of birch hardwood and multiple layers or plies of birch or another material beneath. Engineered floors are designed for basements and other locations where higher levels of humidity are present.

How hard is Birch flooring?

Yellow birch has a Janka rating of 1260, which is at the lower end of hardness ratings for hardwood floors.

What does Birch flooring look like?

Birch flooring is known for its warm hues – from pale yellow to light red with brown tones – and for its grain patterns that can range from subtle swirls to flame-like effects. Birch flooring can be stained in a wide variety of colors.

Three reasons to make Carlisle your source for wide plank Birch flooring.

As you consider Birch flooring for your home or business, Carlisle is your best source for three reasons.
• Quality. Nothing compares to the beauty, stability, grain density, superior strength and performance of a Carlisle hardwood floor. Our craftsmen take great pains to ensure that every board reflects your sense of style and that each plank can reveal its story and beauty.
• Service. We offer unparalleled service and expert guidance at every step of the process. From your first conversation with a design consultant through delivery and installation, you’ll find that we are as passionate about customer service as we are about creating legendary hardwood floors.
• Sustainability. Our forest-to-floor ethic means we do business only with those who share our values and vision, from the timber growers who practice sustainable forestry to the sawyers who confirm each board meets our standards.