Birch Floors

A guide to designing stunning Birch floors.

Birch floors are always in style. Renowned for their captivating beauty, Birch floors offer grain patterns that vary from subtle swirls to highly figured flame effects that can come to life in wider. The color of Birch flooring runs from light yellow to light red with hints of brown, and boards cut from the hardwood of fully mature Birch trees can amplify the reddish-brown tones of this popular choice in solid hardwood flooring.

Wide plank Birch floors add luxury and visual interest.

Birch floors made from wider planks provide a more dramatic and luxurious feel for any residential or business setting. While traditional commercial flooring uses strips of hardwood that are 2 ¼” to 3” wide, wide plank Birch hardwood floors like products from Carlisle can be made of boards that are 8” to 20” wide. The extra width not only allows the grain patterns in the Birch floors to be easily seen and enjoyed, but with fewer overall seams between planks, wide plank Birch floors have a more harmonious and less busy feel. The result is a hardwood floor that rivals other design elements – as well as art on the walls – for drama and visual interest

Why choose Birch floors?

Birch floors are an excellent flooring option when you want a floor that:
• Offers lighter hues and grain patterns that won’t overwhelm.
• Is suitable for contemporary, traditional and rustic settings.
• Can be stained in a wide variety of colors, looks and designs.

Birch floors versus other hardwood species.

Birch floors are among the most popular choice in hardwood flooring – many of the craftsmen at Carlisle would choose Birch for their own homes. But there are many varieties of hardwood floors, each with their own personality and aesthetic benefits. • Red Oak floors have a tight, consistent grain pattern and a salmon-red hue in the heartwood.
• White Oak floors have dramatic grain patterns and nutty brown hues that are the ideal backdrop for almost any stain color.
• Rift & Quartersawn White Oak uses cutting techniques that produce straight parallel lines running the length of each plank with vibrant ray flecks that radiate across each board.
• Ash floors are quite dense and durable and offer a bit more flair than the traditional Oak hardwood floor. With meandering grain patterns and warm color tones that range from cream to light blonde to rich nutty brown, Ash can be easily stained in a variety of colors, thanks to its lack of tannins.
• Brown Maple floors have subtle and consistent grain patterns and are known for their hardness and durability. Carlisle’s Brown Maple is cut from the trees tapped for Maple syrup, resulting in distinctive brown heartwood that darkens as the tree ages.
• White Maple floors boast strikingly beautiful grain patterns that resemble flowing water and offer cleaner and lighter hues along with a high density that makes it one of the most stable hardwoods.
• Cherry floors have rich, deep red tones and subtle but distinctive flowing grain patterns.
• Hickory floors have a tensile strength that rivals steel, with rich cocoa brown and beige hues that add warmth to any room.
• Walnut floors have a rich chocolate hue with complex grain patterns and undertones that range purple to yellow.
• Reclaimed hardwood flooring is made from factory, farm and barnwood planks to create floors that have a warm, antique and centuries-old appearance. Carlisle offers both prefinished and unfinished birch flooring. In addition to hardwood floors, Carlisle offers Pine flooring options that include Eastern White Pine, Heart Pine and Hit or Miss Pine floors.

Exceptional Birch floors. Exceptional customer service.

At Carlisle, we like to think that the extraordinary beauty of our Birch floors is matched only by the remarkable dedication of our staff to serving your needs. As you consider the perfect Birch floors or other options for custom wood floors, we’re ready to help at every step. If you know exactly what you’re looking for, will make sure you get it. And if you’d like an expert eye and professional guidance to choose the right wood, color, grade and texture, we’ll be happy to accompany you throughout your journey. From your first design consultation through selection of your floor and delivery and installation, our team is dedicated to providing you with unparalleled and responsive service.

Here’s why Carlisle is the right choice for your Birch floors.

Carlisle has been the world leader in luxury wide plank flooring for more than 50 years. From our sustainable forestry practices to our handcrafted products, quality and attention to detail are the overriding concerns of every single craftsman and Carlisle customer service rep. Our goal is to help you design and create Birch floors that are truly an expression of you – masterpieces that will serve as the setting for your life or business for years to come. Working with our craftsman, we know you’ll agree that nothing compares to the beauty, strength, stability and performance of Carlisle Birch floors.