Birch Hardwood Floors

Your guide to beautiful Birch hardwood floors.

Birch hardwood floors are renowned for their dramatic beauty. Offering intriguing combinations of colors and grain patterns that vary from flame-like effects to subtle swirls, birch flooring is a favorite among homeowners who want to add warmth and visual appeal to any room. Typically made from yellow birch trees, birch floors are slightly softer than Red Oak and slightly harder than White Oak wood flooring. The natural color of Birch hardwood floors ranges from pale yellow to light red with hints of brown tones.

Add beauty and luxury to any room with wide plank Birch hardwood floors.

Wide plank Birch hardwood floors are a dramatic and distinctive option for residential and commercial flooring. Wide plank floors, like those produced by Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, are made with boards that range in width from 8” to 20” or more to create a visually stunning surface that elevates the aesthetic of any room. In contrast, commercial versions of Birch hardwood floors use planks that are 2¼ inch to 3 inches wide, creating hundreds of additional seams and obscuring the beauty of the Birch grain.

The benefits of Birch hardwood floors.

What makes Birch an excellent choice for hardwood flooring?

• Birch comes in lighter hues that can help to warm and lighten any room.
• Fascinating and dramatic grain patterns make Birch suitable for both traditional and contemporary settings.
• Birch hardwood floors can be stained to many colors and finishes, providing flexibility for a variety of looks and designs.

Are Birch hardwood floors right for you?

Birch is a popular and affordable choice for high quality hardwood flooring. But at Carlisle, you can also explore options for flooring made from a wide range of other woods.
• Ash is an incredibly dense and durable hardwood with unique grain patterns and interesting hues.
• Brown Maple hardwood floors feature rich hues of brown, gold and amber.
• Cherry floors have a rich inviting warmth with lustrous dark red hues.
• Hickory is a tough and handsome wood that’s appropriate for everything from modern bungalows to rustic retreats.
• Red Oak comes in exceptional widths and lengths with tight, consistent grain and maximum hardwood.
• Rift & Quartersawn White Oak features boards cut at a 90-degree angle from their growth rings, producing straight parallel lines for a strikingly beautiful floor.
• Walnut is a sumptuous wood renowned for its complex grain patterns and rich chocolate hues with undertones ranging from purple to yellow.
• White Maple is a dense and durable wood with smooth, soft flowing grain that produces stunning floors.
• White Oak offers dense and durable boards with nutty brown hues and dramatic grain patterns.
• Pine options include Eastern White Pine, Heart Pine and Hit or Miss Pine floors.
• Reclaimed flooring or barnwood floors are made from boards that are salvaged from old buildings, farms and factories to produce distressed wood flooring for a one-of-a-kind antique look. CTA

Carlisle service makes it easy to live on Birch hardwood floors.

There’s a lot that goes into creating perfect wide plank Birch hardwood floors, but our exceptional service makes the process easy. Our design consultants are knowledgeable specialists who will help turn your vision into reality and make sure your Birch hardwood floors are custom crafted to your exact specifications. Based on your space and your design aesthetic, we’ll work with you to choose the wood, the grade and the width of your Birch boards, as well as the color, texture and finish to create a stunning floor that sets the stage for life at home. We make delivery and installation easy, too. Your completed floor will be completely wrapped in moisture-protected material and secured with steel bands to protect the wood during transit. Our team will schedule delivery for a specific date and time that suits your needs and we’ll provide a very detailed instruction sheet that outlines everything you need to plan for delivery and installation.

The benefits of wide plank Birch hardwood floors from Carlisle

Why choose wide plank Birch hardwood floors from Carlisle? In a word: quality. Carlisle has been a leader in wide plank Birch hardwood floors for more than 50 years. Every Carlisle floor is a masterpiece that has been custom crafted with pride, passion and purpose. Sustainability is also a critical part of the Carlisle mission. We have long-lasting relationships with our growers and sawyers to ensure that each board meets our exacting standards, and that we adhere to sustainable forestry practices.