Brushed Wood Flooring

The charm of brushed wood flooring

When you want a floor that has the charm and personality of reclaimed wood but at a fraction of the price, brushed wood flooring is an ideal choice. Brushed wood texture recreates the appearance of floorboards that have been worn down by foot traffic and time, giving the floor a sense of character and authenticity that can transform a room.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, we use specially designed brushes to give our wide plank surfaces a rustic and gently worn appearance. By softening and contouring the boards with very fine brush markings, this subtle surface treatment produces a dramatic impact on the look of a floor, creating a stunning design feature that can fill a room with a sense of warmth and authenticity.

What is brushed wood flooring?

What are the benefits of brushed wood flooring?

Brushed wood flooring gives floorboards the character and charm of old wood floor texture, transforming new floors into surfaces that have a greater sense of heritage and craftsmanship. Brushed wood flooring provides a distinctive look for a one-of-a-kind interior surface.

What is brushed wood flooring?

Brushed flooring is a texture treatment applied to hardwood floors that recreates the look of floors which have been lived on and walked upon for generations. In old floors, everyday use wears down the softer grains, giving denser grain a gently raised appearance. In modern floorboards, this appearance is achieved by using a wood texture brush to strip away the soft grains in the planks.

Additional Textures from Carlisle

At Carlisle, in addition to brushed wood flooring, we offer a wide range of hand-crafted surface treatments that provide a distinctive look for our wide plank floors.

  • Hand-scraped edges recreate the look of boards that were once prepared for installation by hand, when woodworkers would scrape a knife over the boards to smooth the transition from one board to the next. Hand scraped edges are common in Colonial hardwood flooring.
  • Watermill techniques replicate the look of planks that were rough sawn at riverside watermills more than a century ago. Because these boards were never planed or scrape smooth, they retained distinctive saw marks and undulations that were later smoothed by foot traffic.
  • Hit or Miss floors replicate the saw swirl markings or kerfs that were left on boards by early sawmills.
  • Timeworn textures reproduce the look of boards that are naturally worn down by the passage of time, where the wood grain creates distinguishing patterns.
  • Footworn techniques recreate the undulating patterns that were seen in very old floor boards that were planed smooth using original woodworking tools as Jack Planes or draw knives

Carlisle techniques are equally effective for light wood flooring texture and for darker woods.

Why choose brushed wood flooring from Carlisle?

Carlisle is the only choice when you want the finest brushed wood flooring available today. For more than half a century, we have painstakingly handcrafted wide plank floors using time-honored processes and the highest quality raw materials available. Our artisan woodworkers are perfectionists who care about details as much as you do. From the nuance of a hand-scraped edge to the personality revealed by the grain patterns of each board, our craftsmen create each surface with passion, pride and purpose – one plank at a time. Your brushed wood flooring from Carlisle will be the perfect reflection of your sense of style, and a masterpiece in wood that will become a central design element of your home.