Brushed Wood Texture

Brushed wood texture adds character to hardwood floors

Brushed wood texture has become a popular option for homeowners looking for one-of-a-kind wood flooring. Brushed wood flooring evokes the look of floors that have been gently worn down by generations of foot traffic, where the softer grains wear away and denser grains are left standing tall. With brushed wood texture, new floorboards take on the character and charm of floors that have been walked on and lived on for several lifetimes, adding a sense of warmth and heritage to the room.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, our artisan woodworkers use specially designed brushes to “unsmooth” new floorboards, providing an old wood floor texture that’s infused with a sense of craftsmanship and history. Developed by Carlisle, this proprietary technique gives floorboards a soft and gently worn texture with very fine brush markings. Our brushed wood texture can be combined with any other surface treatment to produce dramatic results.

What is brushed wood texture?
Brushed wood texture is a treatment for texturing or distressing hardwood floors to give new floorboards a more aged appearance. In this technique, Carlisle craftsmen brush each board four separate times with a uniquely developed multi-layer wood texture brush that wears away only the softer grain, perfectly reproducing the look of a floor worn down by time and foot traffic.

What are the benefits of brushed wood texture?
A brushed floor makes new floorboards look like floors that have been lived on for generations, adding character and sense of heritage to the floors in any room.

Can floors with brushed wood texture be prefinished?
Yes. At Carlisle, we can prefinished your floors in the ideal conditions of our workshop. When you receive your floor, it will have already been sanded, textured, stained and sealed, enabling a faster installation and sparing you the hassle of having your floor finished on site.

Can engineered floors be treated with brushed wood texture?
Yes. Carlisle offers a variety of options for textured engineered wood flooring. Engineered floors are made with multiple layers of backing material and topped with a thick veneer of hardwood to create a floorboard that is more resistant to temperature changes and high levels of humidity or moisture. Texturing can provide engineered floors with the same look and character as textured solid wood floors.

Brushed wood texture and other options from Carlisle

At Carlisle, in addition to brushed wood texture, we offer a variety of other treatments that can re-create the imperfections and boards that were milled more than a century ago and that have been lived on for several generations.

  • Hand-scraped edges reproduce the look of boards that were once planed by hand to smooth the transition between floorboards. With this technique, our craftsmen use a small block plane to gently smooth the long edge of floorboards, recreating the appearance of colonial flooring and other centuries-old surfaces.
  • Hit or Miss marks recreate the saw marks or kerfs that were left on boards cut at early sawmills. This technique creates a more rustic appearance and a similar style to reclaimed flooring, but at a fraction of the cost.
  • Watermill techniques replicate the imperfections and rough areas that were left on floorboards which were rough sawn at riverside watermills more than a century ago.
  • Footworn texturing recreates the undulating patterns from old floorboards that were planed smooth using Jack Planes, draw knives and other original woodworking tools.
  • Timeworn techniques recreate the natural patterns in the grain produced by footsteps and the passage of time when boards have been lived on for more than three lifetimes.

Selecting the wood for your brushed texture floor

When choosing a floor with brushed wood texture, you’ll have a variety of hardwoods and pines to choose from at Carlisle. Our wood species include:

  • Red Oak, one of the most popular choices in hardwood flooring, featuring deep salmon tones in the heartwood.
  • White Oak, featuring light, nutty brown hues and dramatic grain features.
  • Brown Maple, with varying hues of rich brown, gold and amber and subtle and consistent grain patterns.
  • Ash, a dense and durable wood with hues that range from cream to blonde to rich nutty brown.
  • Birch, with coloration that ranges from rich reddish-brown to warm amber and blonde, with grain patterns that vary from subtle swirls to flame-like effects.
  • White Maple, featuring cleaner and lighter hues that enable a more neutral flooring option.
  • Cherry, offering deep red tones that darken to a burnished auburn color as the wood ages.
  • Hickory, an extremely tough hardwood with distinctive grain patterns and hues that range from brown to beige to red.
  • Walnut, featuring magnificent chocolate hues with surprising auburn undertones.
  • Eastern White Pine, featuring dense grain patterns with subtle knots.
  • Heart Pine, with rich colors that range from pumpkin and amber to darker hues.

Why choose textured floors from Carlisle?

When you come to Carlisle for textured wide plank flooring, you’ll be working with a company that has been at the leading edge of hardwood floors in America for more than 50 years. The quality of our product is unsurpassed – our master craftsmen painstakingly attend to every detail to make sure that your floor exceeds your expectations and realizes your vision for a surface that will transform your living space and become a defining feature of your home.

When you work with our expert design consultants, you’ll discover that our commitment to customer service is as exceptional as the quality of our wide plank floors. Our team will work closely with you to explore all your design options – from your selection of wood, width and grade to your choice of color and brushed wood texture. With Carlisle, you can have confidence that your final product will be the perfect reflection of your sense of style and beauty.