Chevron Floor Pattern

Transform any room with a Chevron floor pattern

Choosing a pattern for your hardwood floor adds an immediate sense of sophistication and elegance to any room, and the Chevron floor pattern is one of the most stunning. A Chevron hardwood floor is made by cutting the ends of boards at an angle so that two adjacent planks form a perfect V shape, creating a pattern with a long string of arrows. The result is a surface with an elegant zigzag pattern that adds movement and a more spacious feel to any room.

When you’re interested in a surface with a Chevron floor pattern, Carlisle Wide Plank Floors offers a wide selection of options – along with the expert assistance to help you design and create an exceptional floor that will become a defining feature of any room.

Customizing your Chevron floor

One of the greatest pleasures of designing a floor at Carlisle is the ability to customize your Chevron wood floor to make it a truly one-of-a-kind surface.

Choosing your hardwood
Each hardwood species has its own personality, determined by variations in hues, grain patterns and density of the wood. Hickory floors, for example, produce incredibly strong floors and offer hues that range from lighter blonde to darker brown. Ash floors have striking grain patterns and rich nutty brown or light blonde hues, while White Oak features dramatic grain patterns and hues from beige to nutty brown. Cherry hardwood is known for its lustrous red tones, while Walnut is prized for its rich chocolate hues.

Determining a grade
We offer several proprietary grades that allow you to choose floors with more character and variation in color, knots and mineral streaks, or to choose floorboards that have less character and offer more consistency and clarity.

Selecting the width
The floorboards in a Chevron floor pattern are necessarily cut at equal width and length – typically 4” wide and 20” long – but you have the option of selecting different widths and lengths to create a Chevron design that is uniquely your own.

Adding texture
Our craftsman can use a variety of handmade surface treatments that give new wood the appearance of floorboards fashioned a century or more ago and that have been lived on and walked on for generations.

Picking a color
We offer stains in a virtually unlimited assortment of color possibilities and can match the color of almost any item you submit.

Everything you want to know about a Chevron floor pattern

Can an engineered floor be installed with a Chevron pattern?

Engineered floorboards are an excellent possibility for a Chevron pattern wood floor. Carlisle engineered floors are made with a thick veneer of hardwood that’s adhered to multiple layers of backing material to create floorboards that are more resistant to moisture and temperature changes. Chevron engineered wood flooring is ideal for installation below grade, over radiant heat and on concrete slab.

Can Chevron floors be prefinished?

Yes. The prefinishing process is perfect for patterned floors, as the boards can be cut, sanded, stained and sealed within the ideal conditions of our facility. Pre-cut Chevron wood flooring arrives at your site ready for speedy installation, allowing you to skip the mess and inconvenience of having a floor finished within your home.

Can Chevron floors be made with any type of wood?

Any species of wood that can be used to create a floor can be cut and laid out in a Chevron floor pattern.

Why should I choose a Chevron floor?

A Chevron pattern wood floor produces a visually striking hardwood floor that can be a central design element for any interior. The Chevron pattern creates movement, energy and a sense of spaciousness in a room, helping to make small rooms seem larger.

What is a Chevron floor pattern?

A Chevron floor pattern is a type of parquet pattern for a hardwood floor where the ends of each board are cut at an angle so that adjoining boards make a perfect V shape. The result is a floor pattern that features a long line of arrow-shaped Chevrons, creating a zigzag movement across the floor.

Why choose a Chevron floor pattern from Carlisle?

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, we have become the premier source for Chevron wood floors for one reason: unsurpassed quality. Every Carlisle floor is a handcrafted masterpiece in wood that has been painstakingly produced to reflect your vision and sense of style. Our craftsman are experts at creating one-of-a-kind surfaces that reflect the natural beauty of the highest quality raw materials available, and they are equally at home crafting floors with traditional rustic themes or fashion-forward styles.

Whether you choose a Chevron floor pattern or a pattern of your own design, your Carlisle floor will become a defining feature of your home and a stunning design element that will be a welcome reminder of where you are every time you walk in the door. Once you see for yourself the remarkable quality of our products and the expertise of our craftsmen, we know you’ll agree that nothing compares to the beauty, strength and performance of a Carlisle floor.