Chevron Parquet Flooring

Chevron parquet flooring adds elegance to any room

Chevron parquet flooring is a fashionable and elegant way to add greater luxury and visual interest to your interior design. Made with a pattern where adjoining boards form a V shape, Chevron parquet flooring has been a sought-after design since it first appeared in the manors and castles of 16th century Europe. Today, homeowners everywhere are turning to Chevron wood parquet floors to create unique and stunning surfaces that become a defining feature of their residences.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors offers hardwood parquet flooring in Chevron patterns as well as Herringbone and Versailles, and our design consultants can work with you to create custom contemporary parquet flooring that is the perfect reflection of your sense of style and taste.

What is Chevron parquet flooring?

Is it possible to prefinish Chevron parquet flooring?

Yes. Prefinishing a Chevron floor enables the meticulous process of cutting, sanding, staining and sealing the planks to take place in the ideal conditions of our custom shop. Our Carlisle Custom Coat® method uses a multi-layered process that delivers up to three times the durability of finishes that are applied on site while giving each board a deep, hand-rubbed appearance. Prefinished Chevron parquet flooring allows you to skip the mess and hassle of sanding and finishing the floor after it’s installed in your home.

Can engineered floorboards be installed with a Chevron pattern?

Engineered floors can easily be installed with a Chevron pattern. Engineered wood is made with multiple layers of material that are glued together with a veneer of hardwood on top, making a floorboard that is more resistant to fluctuating temperatures and higher levels of humidity. At Carlisle, we offer several collections of parquet engineered wood flooring with a herringbone pattern and can easily help to custom design engineered floors with Chevron patterns as well.

What type of wood is best for Chevron floors?

Any type of wood – from hardwood species to pine or even reclaimed timbers – can be used to create a Chevron floor. At Carlisle, we offer 10 species of hardwood, three types of pine and a wide selection of reclaimed or antique wood that can be used to create truly stunning Chevron parquet flooring.

How is Chevron different than Herringbone parquet flooring?

Along with the Versailles pattern, Chevron and Herringbone are two of the most popular parquet patterns of wood flooring. Herringbone also uses a zigzag pattern, but the boards are all rectangles and are laid out at right angles from one another to form an overlapping and slightly asymmetrical pattern. The Versailles pattern is far more intricate – it uses smaller blocks of wood that are laid out to produce an interwoven appearance.

What is Chevron parquet flooring?

Chevron parquet floors are installed with a zigzag pattern that’s created by cutting the ends of each board at an angle so that they form a V shape when they are laid out next to each other. The result is a floor that has a strong but orderly sense of movement, creating a visually appealing geometry that elevates the design aesthetic.

Choosing the wood for your parquet floor

When you come to Carlisle for Chevron parquet flooring, you’ll have a wide range of options for the choice of wood used to create your floor. You can choose from:

  • Ash, a dense and durable wood with hues that run from cream to blonde to rich nutty brown.
  • Birch, with color that ranges from rich reddish-brown to warm amber and blonde, featuring grain patterns with everything from subtle swirls to flame-like effects.
  • Brown Maple, featuring varying hues of rich brown, golden amber and subtle and consistent grain patterns.
  • White Maple, a strikingly beautiful wood with cleaner and lighter hues that enable a more neutral flooring option.
  • Cherry, which boasts deep red tones that darken to a burnished auburn color as the wood ages.
  • Hickory, a tough hardwood with hues that ranges from brown to beige to red, with distinctive grain patterns marked by mineral streaks and knots.
  • White Oak, a light, nutty brown wood with dramatic grain features.
  • Red Oak, one of the most popular choices in hardwood flooring, featuring deep salmon tones in the heartwood.
  • Walnut, with complex grain patterns, magnificent chocolate hues and surprising auburn undertones – an excellent choice for dark parquet flooring.
  • Eastern White Pine, featuring dense grain patterns with subtle knots.
  • Heart Pine, offering a warm patina and rich colors that range from pumpkin and amber to darker hues.
  • Reclaimed floorboards that have been salvaged from old buildings, farms and factories to create floors with truly unique character and texture.

Why Carlisle is the premier source for Chevron parquet floors

For more than half a century, Carlisle craftsmen have been producing the finest wood floors in America one plank at a time. Our floors are made with the highest quality raw materials available, sourced from the soundest and most reliable timber grown in American forests. We have built our reputation as a leader in wide plank flooring by paying attention to every detail – from the nuance of a hand-scraped edge to matching the exact color in a stain to choosing planks for your floor that allow the personality of the wood to shine through.

Whether it’s Chevron parquet flooring, a custom wide plank surface or a floor chosen from one of our extensive, curated collections, your Carlisle floor will be a masterpiece that’s truly an expression of your sense of style and beauty. You’ll be astonished and delighted by your Carlisle floor for years to come, and it will be a welcome reminder of where you are every time you walk through the door.