Chevron Wood Floor

The stunning beauty of a Chevron wood floor

When you walk into a room with a Chevron wood floor, it’s hard to notice anything else. The Chevron floor pattern has been a favorite since the 16th century, and today Chevron wood floors continue to create stunning spaces in stylish homes everywhere.

A Chevron wood floor is fashioned by cutting the ends of each plank at an angle so that when two boards adjoin, they form a perfect V. When the entire floor is arranged in a Chevron pattern, the result is a pleasing geometry – a long string of arrows that adds a sense of movement and extraordinary visual interest to a room.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, our team can help you design and realize the perfect Chevron wood floor for any space. With a wide selection of hardwood species as well as engineered wood flooring, it’s easy to create a stunning Chevron hardwood floor that will become a defining feature of your home.

Answers to all your Chevron wood floor questions

Can an engineered floor be installed with a Chevron pattern?

Engineered floors can easily be laid out with a Chevron pattern. Carlisle engineered floorboards are made with multiple layers of material that’s adhered to a thick veneer of hardwood, creating a floor that won’t warp or crack despite extreme humidity and temperature changes.

Can a Chevron floor be made from any type of wood?

You can fashion a Chevron wood floor from any type of wood that is normally used to create floors. Each hardwood species has a different personality. White Oak Chevron flooring, for example, features dramatic grain patterns that run from simple and sleek to intricate swirls, while a Cherry Chevron floor will boast hues of deep red or a burnished auburn color. Chevron wood floors can also be stained to support any wood color scheme.

Can a Chevron wood floor be prefinished?

Yes. A prefinished floor is one that is cut, sanded, stained and sealed within our facility under ideal conditions. This process is perfect for the intricate work required to create a Chevron wood floor. Your prefinished and pre-cut Chevron wood flooring will be shipped to your site ready for fast installation, allowing you to avoid the mess, odor and inconvenience of having to finish your floor after it’s installed.

What are the benefits of a Chevron pattern?

A Chevron pattern hardwood floor has great visual appeal as well as a feeling of elegance and luxury. The movement in a Chevron pattern helps smaller rooms seem larger and creates a sense of energy that makes the floor a central focal point in a room.

What is a Chevron wood floor?

A Chevron wood floor is a floor where the floorboards are arranged in a Chevron pattern. The ends of each border cut at an angle, allowing two adjacent boards to form a perfect V shape. When the pattern is continued across an entire floor, the effect is a striking zigzag pattern with a pleasing geometry that makes the floor the focal point of any room.

Customer service as remarkable as our floors

When you choose a Chevron wood floor from Carlisle, the quality of our customer service will impress you as much as the quality of our floors. From your first phone call or visit to our showroom through all the design choices and the installation of your Carlisle floor, you’ll have the benefit of advice and guidance from some of the most knowledgeable experts in the business. At every step of the process, we’ll answer your questions, walk you through your options, and help to ensure that your floor exceeds your expectations. With help from our team, you can create a one-of-a-kind floor that will take your breath away every time you enter the room.

Why choose a Chevron wood floor from Carlisle?

When you want Chevron wood floors of unsurpassed quality and beauty, Carlisle is your go-to source. We’ve been handcrafting the finest wood floors in America since 1966, building a reputation for products of the highest quality. Every Carlisle floor is a masterpiece that has been handcrafted with passion, purpose and pride to create a surface that is a true reflection of your sense of style. With unmatched service and expert consultation through every step of the process, our team ensures that your floors will exceed your expectations and our exacting standards.