Choosing a Wood Flooring Color

Endless Stain Color and Finish Options

No Matter the Color, We Have It

At Carlisle, we have always considered color the final step in the floor design process, something to be considered only as an accent to the beautiful wood that we spent endless hours crafting. But to many, color is at the forefront, after all, should the floor color we choose to complement our cabinetry, countertops, paint, appliances or matches the trim or light penetration of the room? The truth is both are correct. Color can be a complicated process when chosen first because many colors may not be achievable on some woods, grades, or textures. In many cases, color may not be the most critical choice in the design process. In most cases, board width, character, and grain pattern uniquely defined by a specific species must be considered before you can set the proper tone. For example, a 12″ wide hickory floor with a brushed texture is a lot different than a 4” wide Cherry floor free of knots…even if both of them are stained the same color.

Don't Settle, Make It Your Own

With Carlisle, you never have to settle. Let’s face it, at some point during a standard floor shopping experience you ultimately reach a point where you’re forced to settle. Typically, you’d spend time sorting through hundreds of samples trying to find the perfect quality wood floor. Then, you’d end up with the wrong width, or a floor that has one feature you’re looking for but lacks another. Maybe you find a beautiful wide board with classic character, but it isn’t available in the right color. At Carlisle, the only limit to your flooring options is your imagination. We help guide you through a completely customizable floor building experience. We allow you to pick it all and design the perfect recipe and characteristics that fulfill your design requirements.


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Don't Settle, Make It Your Own
Natural Color Versus Custom Colors

At Carlisle color exists in two ways, the natural color of the wood and the endless variety of stain color applications to the wood. Often our customers want to maintain the natural organic feel of the timbers and choose to use a clear or amber coat. This option offers the wood and opportunity to tell its story and allows you to watch the aging of each board over time. In doing so, you’re creating the rich natural patina cherished in fine furniture. However, some clients choose to create color; that’s why we’re always here to help design the perfect color for your wood flooring.


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Natural Color Versus Custom Colors

We offer product development, so you don’t have to

Your Wide Plank Specialist will help define your perfect floor using any inspiration you may find. From project photos to the specs from your kitchen cabinets, we’ll work to define a clear understanding of your dream floor. Then, we’ll partner with our product development team to combine stains and woods to handcraft your ideal look. Personalizing your floor is worth the process! Once we’ve nailed it, you’ll receive a personal control sample that we will use as our guide in the manufacturing of your custom wood floor! It’s that easy!

Why settle for standardized products when it comes to the largest surface in your home? Personalize it and experience the Carlisle Difference.

What’s the difference between stains, finishes, and pre-finished wood flooring?

Floor Stains

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Floor Finishes

Get the best look, durability and wear with the right finish.


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Stains and finish coatings are applied and dried in a factory-controlled environment.


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