Choosing a Wood Flooring Grade

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Essentials to Making the Wood Flooring Grade

Choosing a grade can often present a challenge when designing your floor and maybe one of the most confusing parts of the wood flooring world. The truth is that everyone makes up their different grades as part of an internal nomenclature for specific products. As you can imagine, this makes it very hard to compare grades across manufacturers. It’s essential to understand, in specifics, how grade varies between manufacturers, so you have a clear understanding of the character included, or eliminated, from the planks.

When it comes to species, we focus on quality, offering 12 different species as well as six Reclaimed wood options. Although most domestic species have an expansive grown range, we’re proud to work with an exclusive group of sawyers. By doing so, we can ensure each species experiences ideal growing conditions in the area of the country where it can thrive. Typically this means Northern climates where the timbers grow slower, allowing them to produce a much higher quality denser timber. Regardless of what species you choose, you can have confidence in the presence and performance of your floor.

Higher Quality Means No Filler

Unfortunately, most flooring manufacturers fail to mention that wood filler is part of the grading standard. Wood filler comes in a variety of forms from natural wood compounds to more commonly used resin epoxy. Many manufacturers use these products to fill holes in the flooring. However, often, these filers do not match in color tone to the stain or natural color of the wood. Often other wood manufactures floors end up looking at odds with the intended harmonious appearance of a wood floor. It is also possible that the fill fails over time, leaving you with a hole in the floor. These filler products are not always in the samples; it is essential to ask the question.

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Higher Quality Means No Filler

At Carlisle, we don’t need filler in our flooring. When you start with the highest timber quality available, you do not need to fill holes. Since we don’t fill any of our custom wood floors, we can offer two very straight forward grades which significantly simplifies the process. This allows you to blend these grades at any ratio you like to achieve the proper amount of character for your design. It’s important to understand not all grades are available in all wood species, but with the guidance of your Wide Plank Specialist we’ll help you achieve any specification.

Heirloom Grade

Considered our formal or refined grade cut for less character and greater clarity at the original timber. This floor will have very occasional knots and less color variation in some species. Most commonly used in contemporary/modern setting or more refined/formal traditional settings.

Original Grade

Original Grade is crafted to maintain the character from the original timber. Knots, mineral streaks, ingrown bark, and color variation are all carefully maintained throughout the manufacturing process so that the floor reflects the full story of the tree. Our Original Grade is for design themes that want to bring the outside, or spaces that want to create a more organic feel.

Customized to Your Individual Style

As with all things at Carlisle, you can make these quality wood floors your own. We’ve defined this as Signature Blend. Are you enjoying both of our grades? We’ll blend Heirloom Grade and Original Grade 50/50 to disperse the natural character without losing the organic feel of the timber.  More historically accurate grade, pioneers of wide plank flooring used the entire timber as not to waste resources.

Our you can customize it, you can choose!

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