Contemporary Parquet Flooring

Contemporary parquet flooring adds flair and elegance

Contemporary parquet flooring is reviving the luxurious and elegant tradition of patterned hardwood flooring. Parquet wood flooring first appeared in the palaces, castles and manors of 16th century Europe and has been a symbol of wealth and style for close to 500 years. Today, homeowners are turning to contemporary takes on parquet floors to add beauty, style and visual interest to their interiors.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, we offer a variety of contemporary parquet flooring products and can work with homeowners to create custom patterns for floors that will become a defining feature of the residence.

Types of contemporary parquet flooring

While any type of pattern in the installation of a wood floor can be considered parquet, there are several different wood floor patterns that have been become classics. At Carlisle, our standard contemporary parquet flooring includes:

  • Herringbone. A herringbone parquet floor uses boards of equal length and width, arranging them in a zigzag pattern where each board meets another at a right angle. The effect of a parquet flooring with herringbone is an appealing geometric pattern with lots of movement and a pleasing sense of asymmetry.
  • Chevron. The chevron pattern is similar to herringbone in that each board is laid out at an angle from the next, but the ends of boards are cut at an angle so that the floorboards form a V shape when they meet. Chevron has a somewhat cleaner, more orderly appearance than herringbone.
  • Versailles. The Versailles pattern is named for the floors in the famous palace of King Louis XIV of France and features large squares of wood within which small pieces of floorboards are intricately arranged with a woven appearance.

All three of these parquet patterns work beautifully for contemporary parquet flooring, filling rooms with an added sense of luxury and visual appeal.

Carlisle design consultants can also help you create a custom pattern for a truly one-of-a-kind floor that will amaze and delight you every time you into the room.

All the details on contemporary parquet flooring

What is contemporary parquet flooring?

Contemporary parquet flooring is a new floor where the boards are laid out in a pattern, rather than in parallel strips as is the case with standard commercial flooring. While homeowners can design their own pattern for contemporary parquet floor, certain classic parquet patterns of wood flooring are still very popular and work beautifully with contemporary designs.

What type of wood is best with contemporary parquet flooring?

Almost any type of wood used for flooring can be installed with a parquet pattern. At Carlisle, we offer 10 types of hardwood and three types of pine. We also offer six varieties of reclaimed timbers that can create a more antique parquet appearance. The choice of wood comes down to the homeowner’s preferences for the strength, grain patterns, coloration and personality of type of wood. White Oak parquet flooring, for example, features dramatic grain patterns that range from simple and sleek to intricate, vibrant swirls, while the color of Brown Maple runs from rich gold to amber and brown with subtle grain patterns.

Can contemporary parquet flooring be made with engineered floorboards?

Yes. Engineered wood is made with a layer of hardwood that’s glued to multiple layers of backing material to create a floorboard that’s more resistant to temperature and humidity changes. Engineered wood is ideal for contemporary parquet flooring installed over concrete slab, radiant heat or below grade. Carlisle offers two collections of engineered parquet flooring with a herringbone pattern and a variety of stain colors.

Is it possible to prefinish contemporary parquet flooring?

Yes. Having your parquet floor prefinished allows Carlisle craftsmen to handle the tasks of meticulously cutting, sanding, staining and sealing your floorboards in the ideal conditions of our custom shop. Our Carlisle Custom Coat® process was developed to create prefinished floors that have the same look and feel as floors finished on-site while adding three times the durability. A prefinished floor enables you to avoid the hassle and mess of having floors sanded and stained inside your home.

Design your contemporary parquet flooring with Carlisle

Carlisle is your first choice when you want the finest handcrafted contemporary parquet floors available today. For more than 50 years, we have handcrafted wide plank floors with time-honored processes and the highest quality raw materials available. Our craftsmen understand that every detail of your Carlisle floor must be perfect – from the nuance of a hand-scraped edge to the perfect color of stain and the way the grain patterns in each board reveal the personality of the wood you have chosen. A Carlisle floor is designed to be a reflection of your sense of style and taste, and a unique masterpiece created from the soundest and most reliable timber grown in America’s forests.

Our commitment to sustainable forestry allows us to preserve natural resources and reduce waste by crafting one floor at a time and avoiding mass production. Working with a select group of growers and sawyers who share our forest-to-floor ethic, we are able to ensure the beauty and quality of every Carlisle floor while upholding the highest standards of sustainability.