Custom Wood Floors

Your guide to custom wood floors. When you’re designing a space for your home or business, choosing custom wood floors can add a sense of elegance and luxury to any room. Luxury wood flooring is much more than a surface for walking on and over – it’s a stunning design feature that instantly adds warmth, character and visual beauty to your space. This introduction to custom wood floors from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors offers ideas about all the ways you can customize your hardwood flooring.

What are custom wood floors?

Custom wood floors are floors produced with woods, colors, textures, patterns and other features that are not seen in standard, traditional commercial flooring. Custom wood floors can be a distinctive design element that adds visual interest and warmth to a residential or commercial setting.

What are wide plank custom wood floors?

Choosing wide plank floors like those from Carlisle is a perfect way to customize your wood floors. Traditional commercial flooring tends to use boards that are 3” or less in width and 4’ or less in length. These narrow boards are joined by a large number of seams that create a busy or cluttered look in the room. In contrast, Carlisle wide plank wood floors use boards that are up to 20” wide and 16’ long, creating fewer seams and allowing the grain and personality of the wood to be appreciated on each board.

What are the benefits of custom wood floors?

Custom wood floors are instantly recognizable as a visually compelling design feature. From dramatic color choices to wide plank floors that show off interesting grain patterns, custom wood floors make a strong statement every time you enter a room – they can’t be overlooked the way that traditional commercial flooring often is. Wide plank wood floors also provide greater stability, as there are fewer seams between boards.

Options for your wide plank custom wood floors.

There are a great number of ways to customize your Carlisle wide plank wood floors.

Type of wood Custom wood floors can be created from a rich variety of hardwoods. Ash floors, for example, are amazingly dense and stain very easily due to a lack of tannins. Ash is prized for interesting grain patterns and lots of color variation – from cream to light blonde to rich nutty brown hues. Birch floors offer more reddish-brown tones and grain patterns that range from subtle swirls to flame-like effects that seem to dance across the board. Cherry floors come in rich, deep red tones, while Hickory floors have a tensile strength that rivals steel. At Carlisle, you can choose from 10 hardwood species, 3 pine species and 6 species of reclaimed wood that has been salvaged from centuries-old buildings slated for demolition.

Choice of grade Carlisle’s proprietary wood flooring grades enable you to choose the kind of wood and cut that will best match your design and interior. Our Original grade features boards that offer more color and grain variation, while our Heirloom grade has a cleaner grain with fewer variations and knots. Our Signature grade offers a 50/50 blend of both our Original and Heirloom Grade, creating a floor with some natural characteristics mixed in with the clear board. This grade is reminiscent of the very first wood floors when craftsmen would have used the entire timber in the floor.

Solid or engineered Carlisle custom wood floors can be created from solid wood or engineered wood. Solid wood floors are made with boards cut from a single piece of timber while engineered wood flooring is constructed with multiple layers of hardwood and other materials. Carlisle durable engineered wood flooring is made with a thick veneer of your choice of hardwood backed by multiple layers of Baltic Birch, forming a strong core that is perfect for installations where humidity may fluctuate to the higher end of a normal range.

Unfinished or prefinished Unfinished custom wood floors are intended to be finished after installation. That means the sanding, staining and sealing must take place within your home or business. With prefinished floors, those tasks are completed at Carlisle’s facility, enabling you to eliminate the mess and inconvenience of finishing your floors on site.

Width of boards Carlisle custom wood floor feature planks from 4” to 20” wide and up to 16’ long. Choosing a consistent width provides a clean and uniform look, while mixing widths can add more visual interest.

Patterns Installing your custom wood floors with a Herringbone, Chevron, Versailles or custom parquet pattern is a popular way to add additional visual interest.

Texture and distressing One of the most dramatic ways to create custom wood floors is to add texture with a variety of distressing techniques. Texturing the wood gives it an aged and lived-in appearance, instantly adding character and a sense of heritage to your floor. Hand-scraped edges reproduce the look of boards that were handcrafted by artisans from previous centuries. Hit or Miss marks re-create the saw swirls or kerfs from old-fashioned sawmills. Other techniques give boards a foot worn or timeworn appearance, reproducing on new floorboards the effects of wear and age seen in boards that are centuries old. 

Color and finish While many flooring companies offer only a limited selection of colors, Carlisle custom floors can be finished in a virtually unlimited assortment of color possibilities. Your custom wood floors may be stained in everything from a very light whitewash to very dark colors. At Carlisle, the one thing that matches the exceptional quality of our custom wood floors is our commitment to customer service. If you know exactly what you want, we’ll make sure you get it. And if you need assistance in designing the right floor for your space, we’ll be with you every step of the way. From helping you choose the right wood and stain color to deciding on texture, grades, cuts and patterns, our team is continually available to answer questions and provide expert guidance. Our goal: to make the process of designing your floor as pleasurable as living on it.

Carlisle: the leading name in custom wood floors.

Since 1966, Carlisle has been creating custom wood floors – one-of-a-kind masterpieces designed to to be a true expression of the business or homeowner’s design aesthetic. Painstakingly handcrafted by our New England craftsman, Carlisle custom wood floors are more than mere surfaces – they are remarkable defining features of your home or business and a welcome reminder of where you are, every time you cross the threshold. And you can rest assured that our floors are produced with a forest-to-floor ethic and a commitment to sustainable forestry practices, allowing us to preserve natural resources while producing custom wood floors of the highest quality.