Dark Cherry Wood Flooring

Everything you want to know about dark Cherry wood flooring.

There’s nothing quite like dark Cherry wood flooring to infuse a room with warmth and stunning beauty. The deep red tones of Cherry hardwood darken over time with exposure to air and sunlight, creating a floor with a burnished auburn color and distinctive flowing grain patterns – a work of art that only gets better over time.

This brief primer on dark Cherry wood flooring is intended as an introduction to Cherry floors and an overview of the many options available from Carlisle Wide Plan Floors.

What is dark Cherry wood flooring?

Dark Cherry wood flooring is made with planks of wood from the American Black Cherry tree. The heartwood of a Cherry tree has hues that run from rich red to reddish-brown, while the sapwood tends to be a creamier white to yellow color. Cherry wood floors are also marked by a subtle but distinctive flowing grain pattern. The lustrous hues in the wood will darken more than other hardwoods as the boards age, producing beautiful dark Cherry wood flooring that is prized for its unique color.

What is wide plank American Walnut flooring?

Wide plank American Walnut flooring from Carlisle is made with boards that may be as wide as 20″ and up to 12′ long. When you compare wide planks to the 3″ boards used in traditional American Walnut flooring, you can quickly see the appeal of a wide plank floor. There are fewer seams, meaning the floor seems less “busy” or cluttered and infusing the room with more elegance and harmony. Wider planks also enable the personality of the wood to be revealed more easily. When you install wide plank American Walnut flooring in your home or business, your floor will become a central feature of the design aesthetic and a conversation piece for every visitor.

What is wide plank dark Cherry wood flooring?

Wide plank dark Cherry wood flooring is made with floorboards that are 5″ – 16″ wide and up to 12′ long. The extra width in these boards gives the floor a greater sense of elegance and spaciousness, as the minimal number of seams between planks makes the floor feel less “busy.” Wide plank dark Cherry wood flooring also allows the personality of the wood to emerge and the grain patterns to play across the boards more beautifully. Consequently, wide plank dark Cherry wood flooring is a sought-after option for home and business owners seeking to turn their floors into a stunning design feature of their spaces.

Is dark Cherry wood flooring the right choice for your space?

While dark Cherry wood flooring may be the perfect surface for your home or business, Carlisle offers several additional hardwood, Pine and reclaimed flooring options that may be equally suitable.

  • Walnut is another dark flooring option, with rich chocolate hues and surprising auburn undertones.
  • Brown Maple floors are dense with clear hard flowing grain and rich hues of brown, gold and amber.
  • White Maple floors are dense with smooth, soft flowing grain in the floorboards that can be stained to produce a stunningly dark floor.
  • Ash is a highly dense hardwood with unique grain patterns and interesting hues.
  • Birch floors combine blonde outer edges and warm amber portions, with grain patterns that vary from subtle swirls to highly figured flames.
  • Hickory is a handsome wood that it is highly durable and equally suitable in everything from modern bungalows to rustic retreats.
  • Red Oak offers tight, consistent grain and comes in exceptional widths and lengths.
  • Rift & Quartersawn Oak flooring features boards cut with special techniques to produce straight parallel grain lines for a strikingly beautiful floor.
  • White Oak features durable floorboards with dramatic grain patterns and nutty brown hues.
  • Heart Pine has a warm patina and rich colors that range from pumpkin and amber to darker hues.
  • Eastern White Pine features smooth grain with beautiful knots and can be finished in a variety of ways.
  • Hit or Miss Pine recreates the look of centuries-old floorboards with saw marks from early milling techniques.
  • Reclaimed Oak, Heart Pine or Chestnut floors are made from boards that are salvaged from old buildings, farms and factories to produce floors with an antique look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can dark Cherry wood flooring be stained?

Cherry wood can be stained to a wide variety of colors, and at Carlisle we offer a virtually unlimited assortment of hues. However, when picking a color, it’s important to remember that the stain should enhance the natural color and grain patterns in the wood rather than fight with them or cover them up. Carlisle’s design team is happy to help you choose the right color for your floor and your interior design.

What is textured dark Cherry wood flooring?

Textured floors are treated to make new wooden planks look like antique floorboards. At Carlisle, our craftsmen are experts at texturing dark Cherry wood flooring with techniques that add saw marks like those found in boards cut at early sawmills, or hand scraped edges that reproduce the look of boards prepared by hand more than a century ago. We also offer several proprietary techniques that give floorboards the appearance of wood worn down by foot traffic, weather and time.

What is engineered dark Cherry wood flooring?

Engineered Cherry wood flooring is made of multiple layers of material in order to create a floorboard that is more resistant to large changes in temperature, humidity and moisture. Where solid wood flooring will contract and expand in these conditions, engineered floors will hold their form. Engineered flooring is made with a top layer of hardwood that is glued to multiple layers of a backing material – at Carlisle, we use Baltic Birch to produce the most stable engineered floors on the market. Engineered dark Cherry wood flooring is appropriate for installation in basements, over concrete slabs, on radiant heating systems and in buildings that may have extreme variations in relative humidity from season to season. Engineered flooring is not suitable for location where relative humidity drop below 30%.

What is prefinished dark Cherry wood flooring?

Prefinished dark Cherry wood flooring is a Cherry floor that has been sanded, stained to a dark color and sealed in Carlisle’s facility before it is delivered for installation. Prefinished floors let home and business owners skip the mess of sawdust and stain that is inevitable when floors are finished on site. Prefinished floors also let owners avoid the inconvenience of having to leave the property for a day or two while the floor receives multiple coats of varnish or polyurethane. Consequently, prefinished dark Cherry wood flooring can help to speed installation and reduce the installer’s costs.

How durable is dark Cherry wood flooring?

Cherry wood has a Janka hardness rating of 995, which means it’s roughly the same hardness as Walnut. Among all the hardwood options, Cherry is on the softer side and may be scratched or dented a little more easily than floors made of Hickory, Ash or Maple. However, with proper care and maintenance, Cherry floors can easily hold their form and luster for many years.

What are best practices for how to care for dark Cherry wood flooring?

Cherry floors can be cleaned with a combination of vinegar and water – 1 or 2 ounces of vinegar per 2 gallons of water. Vinegar is safe for the floor and for the environment, and has a natural acidity that helps to loosen dirt and contaminants. However, it’s always best to check with the manufacturer or installer of your hardwood floor for specific instructions on how to care for and clean it.

Why does dark Cherry wood flooring get darker over time?

It’s not completely clear what causes Cherry floors to darken over time, but most people agree that a combination of oxidation and UV rays from sunlight are responsible for turning new Cherry planks into dark Cherry wood flooring over time.

Where does dark Cherry wood flooring come from?

Cherry hardwood flooring is made with timbers the American Black Cherry tree which is found throughout the Midwest and Eastern parts of the United States as well as a few places in Mexico. However, the trees that produce the best floorboards are grown in the Allegheny Plateau which runs through parts of New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio. A shorter growing season and perfect soil conditions produce trees with rich heartwood – this is where Carlisle harvests the most mature Cherry timbers for our wide plank floors.

Choose Carlisle for dark Cherry wood flooring.

For more than half a century, Carlisle has represented the very best in quality wood floors. Our wide plank floors – extraordinary handcrafted works of art – can be found today in businesses, restaurants, museums, boutiques and exceptional homes around the world. Every Carlisle floor is unique – a one-of-a-kind expression of the aesthetic and sense of style of the home or business owner who commissions it.

When designing their wide plank floors, our customers have a range of options in woods, colors, textures, grades and patterns, and our customer service representatives are constantly available to provide unmatched service and expert assistance along the way. At Carlisle, the journey of creating dark Cherry wood flooring is as memorable as living on it for years to come.