Dark Hardwood Floor Colors

Dark hardwood floor colors offer dramatic beauty

Dark hardwood floor colors have the power to turn heads. Whether they’re part of a contemporary design scheme for an urban loft or a traditional design in a Colonial-era home, dark hardwood floor colors make a dramatic statement that can transform any space.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, we offer hardwood flooring in a wide range of dark and classic wood floor colors. Our expert design consultants will walk you through all your options for dark stains as well as hardwood species with dark natural coloring. At Carlisle, you can easily design a wide plank floor with dark colors that will become a central design element of your home.

Hardwood floors with naturally dark colors

When considering dark hardwood floor colors, your first choice is the type of wood with which your wide plank floor will be fashioned. At Carlisle, we offer a variety of woods that lend themselves well to dark wood color floors. Walnut floors, for example have naturally dark and rich mocha hues with undertones that range from purple to yellow. Cherry floors also offer dark natural colors, with deep red tones that can be polished to a dark glowing auburn. When sealed with a natural finish, both Walnut and Cherry offer a timeless hardwood floor color.

There are several woods that can be easily stained to dark hardwood floor colors. Ash is a hardwood with clean and neutral tones and a lack of tannins that allow it to absorb stain easily. White Oak features nutty brown hues that are the perfect backdrop for almost any stain color. And Hickory comes in rich cocoa brown and beige hues and is an excellent alternative to Walnut.

If you decide to stain your floors, Carlisle offers a virtually unlimited assortment of stain colors. Our Carlisle Custom Color matching system makes it easy to match a stain color to virtually any item you send into us: a paint swatch, a piece of fabric, a section of tile or a bit of linen, for example. Carlisle, you’ll never have to settle for a color that is “just about right.”

What are dark hardwood floor colors?

Can engineered wood floors be stained dark?

Yes. Engineered floors are made with a top layer of hardwood that is adhered to multiple layers of a backing material to create a floorboard that is more resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. The top layer, or “wear” layer, can be stained just like a solid hardwood floorboard. At Carlisle, the only limit on engineered wood colors or solid wood colors is your imagination.

Can parquet floors be installed with dark colors?

Yes. Parquet flooring colors run the gamut and there is no limit on the colors you can use in a pattern floor. Many parquet floors use alternating light and dark colors to accentuate the pattern and highlight the visual appeal.

What are the drawbacks of dark floors?

Dark floors in well-lit rooms may show dust and debris more easily, and scratches and dents may be more difficult to conceal. Dark hardwood floor colors make rooms feel cozy, but they can also make small rooms feel even smaller. And dark hardwood floor colors in a room with a lot of dark woodwork may start to feel confining.

What are the advantages of dark hardwood floor colors?

Dark hardwood floors are a dramatic design statement that adds visual appeal to any room. Dark floors absorb sunlight and won’t fade as easily as lighter floors or grey color hardwood flooring. And dark hardwood floor colors can add value to a home – properties with dark floors tend to sell have higher selling prices than comparable properties with lighter floors.

What are dark hardwood floor colors?

Dark hardwood floor colors include the natural hues of dark woods like Walnut and Cherry as well as the wide range of stains that can be used to create hardwood floors with dark colors.

Carlisle: your best choice for dark hardwood floors

For more than five decades, Carlisle craftsmen have been handcrafting the finest wide plank floors in the country. When you choose floors from Carlisle, you know you are acquiring a masterpiece in wood that is the perfect reflection of your sense of style and beauty. Handcrafted with unmatched passion, purpose and pride by our artisan woodworkers, your floor will be the centerpiece of any room and a defining feature of your home for years to come.

At Carlisle, the only thing as impressive as our floors is our commitment to customer service. Our knowledgeable design consultants will walk you through the entire process, helping you to choose the wood, grade and width of planks that are ideal for your space, along with the textures and the dark hardwood floor colors that will realize your vision for a dramatic interior.

Carlisle floors are fashioned with a commitment to sustainable forest practices and a forest-to-floor ethic that allows us to preserve natural resources while harvesting the highest quality timbers from American forests.