Dark Hickory Flooring

The beauty of dark hickory flooring.

Dark hickory flooring can have a dramatic impact on any room in a home or business. With its rich cocoa brown tones and hints of red and auburn hues, solid hickory flooring is a perfect hardwood for a dark stain. A dark colored floor also helps to conceal scratches, dents and dings, adding to the incredible strength that hickory already possesses for resisting wear and tear.

Add elegance with wide plank dark hickory flooring.

Wide plank floors take the beauty of dark Hickory flooring up a notch or two. With wide plank hardwood hickory flooring, there are far fewer seams between floorboards, creating a less busy feel in the floor and a more spacious sense in the room. Carlisle wide plank dark hickory flooring uses boards in widths up to 12”and lengths up to 14’. The effect is to elevate the floor to a stunning feature of any room, where the wood and its grain patterns can be fully seen and appreciated.

Why choose dark hickory flooring?

Carlisle customers choose dark hickory flooring when they want to:
• A design statement. Choosing dark hickory flooring is a bold design choice, and one that adds dramatic flair to residential and commercial settings.
• Longevity. Created from one of the hardest woods available, hickory hardwood flooring is incredibly dense and more impervious to the wear and tear of everyday life. Consequently, dark hickory flooring can be enjoyed for years to come.

Options for dark hickory flooring from Carlisle.

When you choose Carlisle wide plank dark hickory flooring, you’ll have a variety of options for customizing your floor to meet the exact needs of your space and design.

Stain color. While some flooring companies offer a limited range of colors, we offer access to a virtually unlimited number of hues. From the chocolate brown hue of Oatmeal Stout to the rich roasted color of Vermont Coffee Bean or the dark and smoky tones of our Blacksmith stain, you’re sure to find the perfect color for dark hickory flooring at Carlisle.

Finish. At Carlisle, you can get dark hickory flooring in both unfinished and prefinished products. Our prefinished hickory flooring is sanded, stained and sealed at our facility before it’s delivered to your site, speeding installation and letting you avoid the mess of installing and sealing unfinished hickory flooring at your home or business.

Flooring structure. Carlisle also offers dark hickory flooring in solid wood or engineered wood. Engineered dark hickory flooring is made with a thick top veneer of hickory hardwood that’s glued to multiple layers of Birch backing, providing a highly stable floorboard that is suitable for basements, concrete slabs and radiant heating systems where higher humidity levels may be more frequent.

Texture. Carlisle craftsmen are experts at distressing hickory floors to give new boards the appearance of an original hickory floor. We offer a range of techniques – several of them exclusive to Carlisle – that help to give your dark hickory flooring the time-worn contours of a floor that has been lived on for generations.

Expect legendary service as you design your dark hickory flooring.

At Carlisle, the exceptional quality of our wide plank floors is matched only by the remarkable quality of our customer service. We work with you to choose the exact type of wood, texture, color and other elements of your dark hickory flooring to produce a masterpiece that will delight and amaze you for years to come. Our team is intensely dedicated to serving our customers and helping to find the right flooring for your space, budget and lifestyle. With Carlisle, you’ll find that the journey of designing and ordering your dark hickory flooring is almost as pleasurable as living with your floor once it’s installed.

For dark hickory flooring, it has to be Carlisle.

Carlisle has been a leading source of dark hickory flooring and other wide plank floors for more than 50 years. Every Carlisle floor is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, handcrafted to your exact specifications and styled to reflect your sense of beauty and design. Our craftsmen are true artisans who painstakingly examine every board as they determine the best planks for your dark hickory flooring. Our forest-to- floor ethic and commitment to sustainability ensure that we are helping to preserve natural resources while harvesting the timber for our wide plank floors. We know that when you take a closer look at Carlisle and the quality of our flooring, you’ll agree that nothing compares to the beauty, grain density, stability, superior strength and performance of Carlisle dark hickory flooring.