Dark Parquet Flooring

The beauty of dark parquet flooring

Dark parquet flooring is a dramatic and stunning choice for any home, adding a great sense of luxury and elegance. A rich, dark colored floor can complement both a formal or more casual interior design, while parquet flooring adds enormous visual interest.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, we help customers create dark parquet flooring from a wide range of hardwood species, with standard patterns like Herringbone, Chevron or Versailles or custom patterns that produce a unique masterpiece in wood.

Types of wood for dark parquet flooring

Dark hardwood parquet flooring can be created using a variety of wood styles and finishes. The most obvious choice for a dark floor is to use a wood with naturally dark coloring like Walnut, which has a rich chocolate hue with purple undertones and complex grain patterns that produce beautiful floors with or without stain.

For an antique or farmhouse look, our Eastern White Pine boards can be stained dark to create a truly rustic look. Or you can choose from our selection of reclaimed timbers to create a dark wood parquet floor that is unlike any other.

If you prefer another type of hardwood – such as Ash, Birch, Cherry Red or White Oak, Hickory or White Maple – you can always stain the wood to any dark color you choose. While we offer a selection of classic dark stains such as our smoky Blacksmith stain, Vermont Coffee Bean and Oatmeal Stout, we can also custom match any color you bring to create the ideal stain for your dark parquet flooring.

The 411 on dark parquet flooring

What is dark parquet flooring?

Dark parquet flooring is a floor made with dark wood or wood that is stained with a dark color, and where the floorboards are installed with a pattern. At Carlisle, we offer several standard parquet patterns. Herringbone parquet flooring uses a zigzag pattern where each board abuts another at a right angle to create a pleasing geometric appearance and a sense of overlapping movement. Chevron parquet flooring also uses a zigzag pattern, but the ends of each board are cut at an angle so that the planks form a V shape when they meet. The Versailles pattern, named for the floors in the French palace of Versailles, feature an intricate pattern with a woven look that has an even more ornate and elegant feel. We also work with clients to create virtually any custom pattern they choose.

What are the pros and cons of dark parquet flooring?

Dark parquet flooring gives any room a more luxurious and elegant feel. Dark floors will tend to hold their color longer than lighter floors and will bring a dramatic flourish to an interior design. However, dark floors will show dust and debris more easily, requiring them to be swept or vacuumed more frequently, and scratches will be more noticeable. Dark floors also can make rooms seem smaller and darker, so they tend to work best in larger and brighter spaces.

Can dark parquet floors be prefinished?

A prefinished floor lets you avoid the mess and hassle of having your floor sanded, stained and sealed on site. Prefinishing is an especially good idea for dark parquet floors, as the boards can be meticulously cut and stained in the ideal conditions of our custom shop. Our Carlisle Custom Coat® process combines time-honored techniques with modern technology to enhance the character and beauty of the floor while delivering up to three times the durability of finishes that are applied on site. Prefinished dark parquet flooring can also help reduce the cost and time required for installation.

Can engineered wood be used to make dark parquet flooring?

Engineered wood is an excellent option for parquet floors. Engineered floorboards are made with multiple layers of material and topped with a veneer of hardwood, creating a stronger board that is more resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. Carlisle offers two collections of parquet engineered wood flooring with a herringbone pattern that feature a number of options for dark stain colors.

Carlisle makes choosing your dark parquet floor easy

When you come to Carlisle for dark parquet flooring, our design consultants will work closely with you to articulate your vision for the ideal surface and help you choose the wood, color, texture and pattern that will produce a stunning wide plank floor. With Carlisle, you can be sure your floor will be the perfect expression of your sense of style and beauty. For more than 50 years, our artisans have handcrafted the finest wood floors in America with the highest levels of craftsmanship and the soundest and most reliable timber grown in America’s forests. Whether you choose a floor from one of our extensive, curated collections or you work with our knowledgeable specialists to design your own dark parquet flooring, your Carlisle wide plank floor will be produced the same way – one plank at a time.