Dark Walnut Floors

The beauty of dark Walnut floors.

When you want a flooring surface that will dramatically set the stage for your life at home or work, dark Walnut floors are the answer. Solid Walnut flooring is one of the most-prized options for hardwood floors, thanks to rich and sumptuous chocolate hues with surprising auburn undertones. With complex grain patterns, dark Walnut floors create a spectacular surface with or without stain. It’s easy to find Walnut floors in rustic country kitchens, contemporary high-rise lofts, elegant formal living rooms – and everything in between.

What are wide plank dark Walnut floors?

Wide plank dark Walnut floors are a specially crafted flooring surface made with floorboards that are up to 16″ wide, though most wide plank floors will use boards that are 8″ to 10″ wide. The exceptional width of wide plank dark Walnut floors allows the grain patterns and personality of the wood to be fully revealed, while also creating a less “busy” look since there are far fewer seams between boards. Ultimately, wide plank dark Walnut floors add a feeling of luxury and elegance to any room, making the floor a highly attractive interior design feature.

What’s the difference between American and black Walnut flooring?

An American Walnut floor and black Walnut flooring are the same thing – both are made from American black Walnut hardwood.

Can dark Walnut floors be textured or distressed?

Yes. Carlisle craftsmen specialize in multiple techniques for distressing newly made hardwood planks to give them the appearance of floorboards that have been lived on and walked on for generations. Hand Scraped Walnut floors recreate the appearance of boards that were once prepared by hand, while Timeworn and Footworn treatments recreate the appearance of boards scraped smooth with old fashioned block planes and worn by decades of foot traffic.

Why choose dark Walnut floors?

Dark Walnut floors are the perfect choice for customers who want:

  • A floor that adds value to a home. Walnut is a highly sought-after hardwood surface that is considered to be an excellent return on investment.
  • A floor that fits any design. Dark Walnut floors look equally at home in rustic, casual, contemporary and elegant settings.
  • A floor that is easy to clean and maintain. The natural hues of dark Walnut floors will conceal dust and dirt more easily.

Are dark Walnut floors right for you?

Dark Walnut floors are an excellent choice for customers who want a darker flooring surface, but many other hardwood species can also be stained dark to achieve a similar effect. In addition to dark Walnut floors, Carlisle offers floors in 9 other hardwood species.

  • Ash floors come in colors that range from light blonde hues to rich nutty browns, and provide a highly dense flooring surface.
  • Birch floorboards feature grain patterns that run from highly figured flames to subtle swirls. Coloration includes blonde, warm amber and rich reddish-brown hues.
  • Brown Maple is known for its hardness and durability and features distinctive brown hues and subtle and consistent grain patterns.
  • Cherry floors have a rich, inviting warmth, with deep red tones and subtle but distinctive grain structure with flowing patterns.
  • Hickory is one of the hardest floors available and features color tones that range from lighter blonde sapwood to cocoa brown and beige heartwood.
  • Red Oak floors have deep, salmon tones in the heartwood and are available in exceptional widths and lengths.
  • Rift and Quartersawn White Oak floors feature boards that are cut at a 90-degree angle to produce straight parallel lines that run the length of the plank.
  • White Maple boasts strikingly beautiful grain patterns that are reminiscent of flowing water, with cleaner and lighter hues in the heartwood.
  • White Oak offers light nutty brown hues with dramatic grain patterns that range from simple and sleek lines to vibrant swirls.

Another option for dark Walnut floors is engineered Walnut flooring. Engineered floors are made with a veneer of hardwood that is glued to multiple layers or plies of a backing material like fiberboard, plywood or Baltic Birch, as is the case with Carlisle engineered floors. This multilayered construction provides greater resilience in settings that experience greater fluctuations in temperature, moisture and humidity. Consequently, engineered flooring is ideal for basements, over radiant heating systems and on concrete slabs.

Expect remarkable service when ordering your dark Walnut floors.

The unsurpassed quality of Carlisle dark Walnut floors is matched only by the quality of the service we provide our customers. When it comes to attention to detail and attentiveness to your needs, our customer service team is second to none. They’ll provide expert guidance at every step, making the process of designing your Carlisle floor as fun and exciting as living on your new dark Walnut floors.

If you know exactly what you want in the choice of wood, texture, grade and color, we’ll work closely with you to make sure you get everything you desire. And if you’re not quite sure what might work best, our customer representatives will walk you through all the possibilities to make sure your dark Walnut floors meet your exacting standards and high expectations.

Why is Carlisle your best source for dark Walnut floors?

For more than half a century, we’ve developed a legendary reputation for building exceptional hardwood floors. Our custom process enables us to create stunning dark Walnut floors as well as wide plank floors from many other hardwood species. Together, our craftsmen have more than 200 years of combined experience in handcrafting timbers, inspecting grain patterns and pouring over color variations to make sure each board in your floor meets your specifications. Delivering expert guidance and friendly assistance at every turn, we make the process of creating beautiful and unique dark Walnut floors easy and exciting.