Dark Wood Flooring

Wide plank dark wood flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.

For a truly stunning finish for your residential or commercial space, consider wide plank dark wood flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors. New or reclaimed flooring in dark wood gives a room a greater sense of elegance and striking beauty. And dark wood flooring made of wide planks offers an even more distinctive appearance. Carlisle’s wood flooring features the widest and longest boards in the industry. With wider, longer planks there are far fewer seams in the floor and the room will seem more open and spacious. Wider boards reveal more of the personality in the wood—as much as 200 years of growth history can be seen in the grain. Wide plank dark wood flooring from Carlisle isn’t just a surface to walk on, but a work of art that will truly delight you and those with whom you share your space.

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Dark wood flooring from sustainable forests.

When you come to Carlisle for dark wood flooring, you’ll have several options to choose from:

  • Our walnut floors feature rich chocolate colors with purple undercurrents and complex grain markings that make for a floor with remarkable personality.
  • A Brown Maple hardwood floor is cut from maple trees that have been tapped for maple sugar, resulting in dark brown streaks throughout the hardwood.
  • We offer a variety of antique floor products that feature dark colors. These oak, chestnut and heart pine floors are made from timbers found in old buildings. The wood is cleaned and lightly milled in order to preserve all the water stains, saw kerfs and nail holes that give these floors their rustic character.
  • You can also choose from a variety of dark stains that are perfectly paired with the material of your choice to both bring out the beauty of the wood and achieve the exact color you desire.

Whether made from walnut, maple or other woods, our dark wood flooring is fashioned from boards cut from trees in sustainable forests. Our commitment to sustainable forestry means we never clear-cut tree stands; in fact, we select only one tree in every five acres on average to harvest for our hardwood flooring.

Other Carlisle flooring products, in dark and light wood.

As one of North America’s premium purveyors of wide plank floors, we offer a wide variety of flooring from new cherry wood floors to weathered rustic flooring, in light and dark hues, and in prefinished or unfinished woods. We also offer engineered products such as an engineered oak floor, and hand-distressed floors that use certain woodworking techniques to make a new floor resemble an antique floor.

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