Distressed Hickory Flooring

Everything you want to know about distressed Hickory flooring.

When you want a unique and rustic look for your home or business, distressed Hickory flooring from Carlisle White Plank Floors is the perfect design choice. Distressed Hickory flooring uses a variety of techniques to make new floors look like centuries-old surfaces, with all the marks and imperfections of wooden boards that have been weathered by time, hand tools and old-fashioned sawmills. Distressed Hickory flooring has an appearance that reflects a sense of heritage and craftsmanship. It re-creates an authentic, antique appearance that adds warmth and a rich natural look to any space.

What is wide plank distressed Hickory flooring?

Wide plank flooring uses floor boards that are much wider than today’s commercial hardwood floors, which are usually only 2 ¼” to 3” wide and several feet long. At Carlisle, our wide plank Hickory floors use boards between4” and 12” wide and up to 14’ long. The result is a floor with a greater sense of elegance, a room that feels larger, and a space that has a distinct and unique design. Wide plank floors are the ideal surface for distressed Hickory flooring. The width of the boards allows the wood grain and the contours of the distressed textures to be fully realized. Wide plank Hickory wood floors that have been textured have a personality and comfortable warmth that is like no other flooring surface.

Texturing techniques for your distressed Hickory flooring.

At Carlisle, we offer six techniques that help to create one-of-a-kind distressed Hickory flooring. Several of these methods are unique to our process. Hand-scraped edges add a gently sculpted look to the edge of each board. This technique is based on a centuries-old practice where craftsman scraped each board by hand to straighten the edges before fitting each plank into the floor. Hit or Miss techniques re-create the saw swirl patterns or “kerfs” from old sawmills, giving distressed Hickory flooring a rustic appearance that looks like a reclaimed floor, but at a fraction of the cost. Watermill techniques re-create the look of saw marks from centuries old milling machinery and then enhance each board with brushing techniques to give it an authentic, worn feel.Brushed techniques developed by Carlisle use specially design brushes to “un-smooth” boards and give them a gently worn texture with fine brush markings. Timeworn techniques, another Carlisle method, uses proprietary processes to re-create the natural wear from footsteps and the passage of time. Footworn techniques re-create the subtle changes in texture from decades of traffic that leave denser grains slightly raised above softer grains which are worn away through wear.

Beyond distressed Hickory flooring: other options for designing a unique floor.

While distressed Hickory flooring is a great way to add personality and distinctiveness to a room, there are many additional ways to create a one-of-a-kind flooring surface.

Color – From whitewashed Hickory to dark Hickory flooring, staining your Hickory floor can help to create a look that is all your own. Unlike many flooring companies who offer a limited selection of stains, Carlisle provides an infinite number of color options.

Width – Our Hickory floors are available in boards from 4-12” wide. Choosing boards of consistent width adds a uniform look to the floor, while varying your widths can add an attractive layer of visual interest.

Pattern – From Chevron and Herringbone to Versailles and custom parquet patterns, installing your Hickory floors with a pattern adds a whole new layer of elegance and distinctive style.

Structure – Carlisle offers both solid and engineered Hickory flooring. A Carlisle engineered floor is virtually indistinguishable from a solid wood floor. It features a layer of Hickory veneer glued to multiple layers of birch backing to produce a floor that is more resistant to changes in temperature, moisture and humidity.

Prefinished – Carlisle prefinished Hickory flooring helps to speed installation and avoid the mess and inconvenience of treating unfinished Hickory flooring on site. Thanks to the Carlisle Custom Coat® finishing process, our prefinished floors look and feel identical to floors that are finished on site. CTA

Why Carlisle is your best source for distressed Hickory flooring.

Carlisle has been an innovative leader in wide plank flooring for more than 50 years. Every Carlisle floor is not only handcrafted to exact specifications, but slowly and painstakingly designed and assembled to create a masterpiece in wood that will delight and amaze you every time you enter your space. Our New England craftsmen are experts at distressing floors to give them the appearance of age-worn surfaces. Several of our texturing techniques were developed by our very own artisans and are unique to Carlisle floors. Our team takes time to inspect every board to make sure it lives up to your standards, and ours. And with customer service that is as legendary as our floors, you can be sure that the process of designing your distressed Hickory flooring will be as exciting as the day it is delivered and installed.