Distressed White Wood Flooring

The beauty of distressed white wood flooring

Distressed white wood flooring brings unique character and warmth to any room. White floors make spaces seem brighter, more inviting and calming while providing a neutral backdrop that lets the color in area rugs and furniture shine. Distressed wood flooring recreates the appearance of floors that were fashioned generations or centuries ago, and which have all the character and wear that time and foot traffic usually create.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, we specialize in texturing or distressing techniques to create beautiful rustic wide plank flooring, and we offer a virtually unlimited variety of stain colors to help you achieve your perfect light distressed wood flooring.

Your guide to distressed white wood flooring

Can distressed white wood flooring be prefinished?

Prefinished floors enable the meticulous cutting, sanding, texturing, staining and sealing to be carried out in the ideal conditions of Carlisle’s custom shop, where our craftsmen can apply multiple finishing coats that provide up to three times the durability. Prefinished floors also make the actual installation of your floor easier, faster and far less messy and inconvenient.

Can distressed white floors be made with engineered wood?

Engineered floorboards are an excellent choice when your distressed white wood floors will be installed on concrete slab, over radiant heat or below grade where temperature and humidity may fluctuate. Engineered wood is created with a top layer of hardwood that is glued to multiple layers of backing material to create a more stable core which is more resistant to moisture and large temperature changes. At Carlisle, our rustic engineered hardwood flooring is produced with the same texturing techniques as our solid hardwood floors.

What type of wood works best for distressed white wood flooring?

While it’s possible to create white wood floors with a hardwood such as White Maple or Ash that has naturally lighter colors, virtually any type of hardwood or pine can be treated with a light stain to create white wood flooring. Consequently, homeowners can choose from a wider range of hardwoods or pines, each providing different density and grain patterns. Rustic hickory hardwood flooring, for example, will be one of the hardest and most durable floors you can find, while the grain patterns in rustic Birch floors will offers everything from subtle swirls to flame-like effects that seem to dance across the board.

What is distressed white wood flooring?

Distressed white wood flooring is a hardwood floor that has been textured with techniques to give it an aged appearance and finished with a light stain or whitewash to recreate the look of certain farmhouse style wood floors.

How distressed white wood flooring is made

Distressed white wood flooring at Carlisle is created using a variety of light or white stains and whitewashes, and a number of techniques that give new floorboards the appearance of timbers that are generations or centuries old.

  • Hit or Miss marks reproduce the appearance of boards that were cut at early sawmills and have the iconic the saw markings or kerfs that give these boards a rustic look.
  • Brushed texturing takes the smoothness off new boards by recreating the look of wood that has been gently worn by foot traffic and time.
  • Timeworn techniques recreate the appearance of floorboards where the softer grains have been worn down by age.
  • Watermill marks reproduce the appearance of floorboards that were milled at riverside sawmills, where the process left rough areas on parts of the wood.
  • Footworn texturing recreates the undulating patterns that appear in the wood grain when floorboards are worn down by foot traffic.
  • Hand-scraped edges recreate the look of boards that were prepared for installation by hand, where a craftsman would draw a plane across the edges to soften them and smooth the transition from board to board.

Design your perfect floor with Carlisle

When you come to Carlisle for distressed white wood flooring, our design consultants will work closely with you to realize your vision for a one-of-a-kind floor that will be a defining feature of your home. From your choice of wood and stain color to the texturing techniques that add character and a sense of heritage to your floor, our knowledgeable specialists will answer every question and provide expert guidance to help create a masterpiece that is the perfect reflection of your sense of style and beauty.

Carlisle wide plank floors are produced with a strong commitment to sustainable forestry practices that ensures that we can preserve natural resources while harvesting the soundest and most reliable timber from America’s forests. Working with a small group of timber growers and sawyers who share our forest-to-floor ethic, we reduce waste by avoiding mass production techniques, crafting one floor at a time while upholding the highest standards of sustainability.