Distressed Wood Flooring

Distressed wood flooring adds character to any room

When you want a wood floor that has a sense of warmth, character and craftsmanship, you have a number of options for texturing or distressing the wood to give it the appearance of timbers that have been lived on for generations. Distressed wood flooring adds texture and imperfections to new floorboards that recreate the look and feel of floors that have been worn by foot traffic, age and weather.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, we offer a number of techniques for texturing wood that can help to create beautiful rustic wide plank wood flooring. Our knowledgeable design consultants can help you walk through your options to choose the texturing methods that will produce distressed wood flooring that’s perfect for your interior space.

How distressed wood flooring is made

For customers who want the authentic look of older, handcrafted floors, we start by recommending random widths of floorboards and specific flooring grades and then texturing the wood with one or more of our techniques for recreating the less-than-perfect surfaces that are characteristic of older floors. Some of our techniques use the same tools and processes that craftsmen used 200 years ago, while others are new and proprietary methods unique to Carlisle.

  • Our Brushed method uses specially designed brushes to wear down the softer grains in the floorboards, perfectly recreating the look of a worn floor.
  • Hand-scraped edges are created by running a small block plane down the sharp edge of each plank, going deeper in some sections and less so in others, to reproduce the look of boards that were once prepared for installation by hand.
  • The Watermill method recreates the rough areas on floorboards that were once the product of milling techniques used in riverside
  • Our Footworn technique reproduces the undulating patterns that appear in wood as they are walked on for generations. Our craftsmen use special tools to hand-sculpt each board, recreating these subtle patterns one plank at a time.
  • Our Timeworn technique uses a proprietary process to recreate the look of New England floors that have been lived on for three generations or more, emulating the wear typically created by the passage of time.
  • The Hit or Miss method reproduces the saw swirl markings, or kerfs, that were left on wood cut in early sawmills.

Ways to customize your distressed floors

In addition to texturing methods, Carlisle offers a number of ways to customize your distressed hardwood flooring.

  • A choice of hardwood and pine floorboards. Your selection of hardwood or pine floorboards is perhaps the single most important choice in creating your Carlisle wide plank floor. Each species offers its own personality and unique coloration. For example, our Red and White Oak timbers have tight, consistent grain that yields boards with exceptional widths and lengths for durable, beautiful rustic oak flooring with dramatic grain patterns, while our rustic hickory hardwood flooring has a tensile strength that rivals steel, with hues that range from beige to rich cocoa brown.
  • A choice of solid or engineered flooring. At Carlisle, distressed wood flooring can be made from solid wood or from engineered floorboards that are designed for greater stability in installations where temperature and humidity may fluctuate more. Carlisle engineered distressed wood flooring is ideal for installation on concrete slab, over radiant heat, or below grade where higher levels of moisture and humidity may be present.
  • A world of color. While many manufacturers of hardwood floors offer only a selection of stain colors – making it hard to get the exact floor color you want – Carlisle offers a virtually unlimited number of colors along with a selection of classic stains that have stood the test of time. Our custom color matching system makes it easy to create a stain to match the color of any sample you bring in, so you can easily create the dark or light distressed wood flooring you envision, or even the type of distressed white wood flooring that is popular today.
  • Finishing options. In addition to finishing your floor on site, you have the option of ordering a prefinished floor from Carlisle that lets our craftsmen cut, sand, stain, texture and seal the floor in the ideal conditions of our own facility. Your prefinished floor will be delivered to you ready to be installed, speeding insulation and letting you avoid the mess of sanding and staining a floor in your home

Carlisle: your best source for distressed hardwood flooring

Every Carlisle wide plank floor is a masterpiece that’s truly an expression of you. Crafted with unmatched pride, passion and purpose, our floors become a defining feature of your home and a design element that will delight everyone who walks through the door.

For more than 50 years, we’ve been handcrafting the finest wood floors in America using the highest quality raw materials available. Our craftsmen obsess over every detail of your distressed wood flooring to ensure that the quality and beauty of your floor will exceed your expectations. Produced with time-honored processes and sustainable forestry practices, your Carlisle floor will be the perfect reflection of your sense of style and taste.