Engineered Cherry Wood Flooring

Is engineered cherry wood flooring right for you?

Solid cherry vs. engineered cherry wood flooring – it’s a choice that every homeowner should consider when installing new cherry hardwood floors. If you’re unfamiliar with the benefits of engineered flooring, this brief introduction will fill you in on its uses and purpose, and detail why Carlisle offers superior options in wide plank engineered cherry wood flooring.

What is engineered cherry wood flooring?

While the floorboards in solid wood flooring are cut from a single piece of hardwood, engineered floorboards are made with multiple layers of material. In the case of engineered cherry wood flooring, the top layer or “wear layer” is made of solid cherry hardwood. This veneer is glued to multiple layers of a backing material, typically pressboard, plywood or fiberboard. The multilayered structure provides engineered cherry wood flooring with a stronger core that is more resistant to large changes in temperature and humidity – the floorboards simply won’t expand or contract as much as solid hardwood floors will.

Where is engineered cherry wood flooring used?

Engineered cherry floors are ideal for installation in places that experience larger fluctuations in temperature, moisture and humidity such as basements, over radiant heating systems or on concrete slabs. Engineered floors are also ideal for homes that have higher levels of relative humidity in the summer and average levels of humidity in the winter.

Where should engineered cherry wood flooring not be used?

Engineered cherry wood floors are not well-suited to very dry climates or to environments where relative humidity drops below 30% on a consistent basis.

Can engineered cherry wood flooring be sanded and refinished?

Yes. Engineered floors from Carlisle can be sanded and refinished just like a solid hardwood floor.

What makes Carlisle engineered cherry wood flooring superior?

Carlisle floors are designed to be the most stable engineered flooring on the market. Our engineered cherry wood flooring offers:

  • Thicker boards – Carlisle engineered floors are 3/4″ thick, while most commercial engineered floorboards are only 1/4″ to 1/2″ thick.
  • Stronger backing – rather than pressboard or plywood, Carlisle engineered floors use Baltic Birch, a highly durable hardwood that is also highly resistant to changes in temperature and humidity.
  • The most stable construction – while most commercial engineered floors use 3 to 5 layers of backing material, Carlisle floors use 9 to 11 layers, depending on the thickness of the floor.
  • Longer-lasting floors – a Carlisle engineered floor has a top layer that is thick enough to last as long as solid hardwood floors, with a warranty that guarantees it can be refinished up to three times over its lifetime.

Customizing your engineered cherry wood flooring.

Carlisle engineered wood flooring can be customized just as easily as solid unfinished hardwood flooring. With every floor, you have a choice of:

In addition to cherry, our engineered floors are available in Ash, Birch, Brown Maple, Hickory, Red Oak, Walnut, White Maple and White Oak.

Engineered floors from Carlisle are available in two grades. Our Heirloom Grade is the most refined look, with fewer knots and variations in color. For a more organic feel, our Signature Grade introduces more knots and natural variation in the wood.

Engineered cherry wood flooring from Carlisle can be ordered in widths up to 10″ and lengths up to 12′. Mixing widths can add visual variety to a room, while maintaining consistent width produces a more uniform look.

Engineered cherry hardwood flooring from Carlisle can be treated with a variety of methods to give the wood an older, more rustic appearance. These techniques include Brushed, Timeworn and Footworn treatments that reproduce the natural look of wood that has been weathered and worn by time and foot traffic.

Carlisle engineered floors can be stained to virtually any color, enabling you to finish your space with light or dark cherry wood flooring.

Pattern such as Chevron, Herringbone and Versailles are reemerging as a distinctive and stylish option, adding elegance and visual interest to any room.

Expect exceptional service with your engineered cherry wood flooring.

While we are extremely proud of the quality of our wide plank floors, we are equally proud of our reputation for delivering exceptional customer service. From your very first contact with one of our customer service representatives or design consultants, you can count on knowledgeable assistance and responsive communication that helps to simplify the process of designing and ordering your hardwood floor.

If you know exactly what you want, our team will make sure you get the engineered cherry wood flooring that matches your exact specifications. And if you know nothing about wide plank floors, hardwood varieties or engineered cherry wood flooring, our expert guides will walk you through every step and decision. From choice of wood to customizing your floor and from placing your order to receiving your delivery, our team will answer your questions, respond to your needs and make sure you are completely thrilled with your Carlisle wide plank floor.

Why Carlisle is your #1 source for engineered cherry wood flooring.

Carlisle has been a leader in quality wood floors for more than 50 years. We excel at creating wide plank floors that are the perfect expression of your aesthetic and sense of style. Whether you’re interested in solid or engineered cherry wood flooring, unfinished or prefinished floors, we’ll deliver a product that will become the defining feature of your space – a stunning masterpiece in wood that will amaze you every time you cross the threshold.

Our engineered cherry wood flooring is made with the same commitment to excellence and quality as our solid hardwood floors. You’ll notice no difference in the feeling or appearance of our solid and engineered floors. This is not common in the flooring industry, and is the result of a process that creates engineered floors with the same painstaking craftsmanship that produces our exceptional solid wood floors.