Engineered Wood Colors

Enjoy variety in engineered wood colors

Engineered flooring products today offer as many color options as solid wood floors. Engineered wood colors include both the natural colors of the hardwood that forms the top layer of an engineered floor, as well as the colors that can be achieved through stains.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors is a premier provider of engineered flooring products. Offering floors in a wide range of wood species, our engineered hardwood colors include everything from the rich mocha hues of Walnut to the light neutral tones of Ash or White Maple. And with a virtually limitless variety of stain colors, we can provide engineered floorboards treated with stains to produce gray color wood flooring, dark wood flooring, whitewashed floors and other on-trend color applications.

What are engineered wood colors?

What natural engineered wood colors does Carlisle offer?

We offer flooring products in a variety of hardwoods that feature engineered wood colors with everything from light neutral hues to dark reds and browns. Ash floors offer colors from cream to light blonde and rich nutty brown. Birch floors feature rich reddish-brown tones. Cherry is prized for its deep red tones, while Walnut offers rich chocolate hues with undertones ranging from purple to yellow. Hickory features hues in beige and cocoa brown. White Maple has cleaner and lighter hues, while Brown Maple has distinctive brown heartwood. Red Oak is known for its deep salmon tones, while White Oak features browner hues.

What are engineered wood colors?

Engineered wood colors include both the natural hues of the hardwood used for the top layer, as well as all the colors that are possible through a stain application. At Carlisle, we offer a virtually unlimited assortment of stain colors and can match the color of any item you submit to us.

What are the advantages of engineered wood floors?

Engineered flooring products enable homeowners to install wood floors in areas where solid wood floors would be unworkable. Engineered floors are suitable for installation in basements and other below grade settings, as well as over radiant heat and on concrete slabs.

What are engineered wood floors?

An engineered wood floor is a surface that is made with a top layer of hardwood that is glued to multiple layers of a backing material. This design produces floorboards with a strong core that is resistant to changes in temperature, humidity and moisture that would tend to warp or crack solid wood floorboards.

Customizing your Carlisle engineered floors

In addition to a wide choice of engineered wood colors, Carlisle offers many additional options for customizing your engineered floors to create a one-of-a-kind surface for your home.

  • A range of hardwood species. We offer 10 species of hardwood for our engineered floors, providing wood with a wide range of color, character and density. Hardwoods like Walnut and Cherry are prized for their color, while Hickory is known for a tensile strength that rivals steel. Ash offers clean, neutral hues and absorbs stain easily, while Red and White Oak have tight, consistent grain that yields boards of exceptional widths and lengths.
  • Two proprietary grades. We offer two grades of planks, making it easier to achieve a consistent look across all of your floorboards. Our Original Grade floorboards preserve the character of the original timber, with more color variations, ingrown bark, mineral streaks and knots. Our Heirloom Grade floorboards have a more formal feel with less character, making them ideal for contemporary, modern or formal settings.
  • Widths up to 10”. Depending on the species of hardwood, our engineered floorboards are available in widths up to 10” and lengths up to 12’. Wider boards help to create a more spacious and luxurious feel with fewer seams in the room.
  • Texture that gives character. Texture is a popular option that provides an added layer of personalization for a truly unique floor. Our texturing techniques recreate the imperfections of boards that were crafted more than a century ago, as well as the gentle wear that foot traffic and time create. Textured engineered wood flooring adds immediate character and warmth to any room, and a sense of heritage and craftsmanship to any surface.
  • Patterns for visual interest. Our engineered floors can be installed with patterns for a greater sense of luxury and visual variety. Herringbone and Chevron engineered wood flooring use a zigzag pattern that provides a sense of movement and energy to a room. Versailles engineered flooring uses an intricate puzzle-like pattern to create a floor that has an interwoven appearance. Parquet flooring colors can be quite varied, but typically use both light and dark woods to accentuate the beauty of the pattern.

Why choose an engineered floor from Carlisle?

At Carlisle, we’ve been handcrafting the finest wood floors in America for more than 50 years. When you choose an engineered floor from Carlisle, you know you’re ordering the best product on the market. We fashion our engineered floors the same way we create our solid wood floors – one plank at a time. Our artisan woodworkers obsess over every detail – from selecting the planks that reveal the character of the hardwood to applying the perfect stain for your chosen engineered wood colors. Your Carlisle floor will be a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is the perfect expression of your sense of style, and a stunning design feature that will remind you where you are every time you return home.