Farmhouse-style wood floors

Creating farmhouse-style wood floors

Farmhouse-style wood floors are an iconic architectural style that gives any interior an authentic farmhouse feel along with a sense of warmth, character and craftsmanship. Farmhouse wood floors were traditionally wide plank floors, with floorboards that are much wider than today’s narrow commercial flooring. Farmhouse-style wood floors also typically have a rustic feel, with imperfections created by centuries-old milling techniques and with the timeworn quality of floorboards that have been lived on for several lifetimes.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, we help clients create the highest quality farmhouse-style wood floors and rustic hardwood flooring with timber salvaged from old buildings, or with new floorboards that are textured to provide an aged appearance.

Farmhouse-style wood floors made from reclaimed wood

Carlisle has become the most requested supplier of reclaimed wood floors in North America, providing timbers sourced from centuries-old buildings, farms and factories that are about to be demolished. The floorboards made from reclaimed wood have the texture, color, character and warmth that only time, and more time, can create.

Our selection of reclaimed floorboards for farmhouse-style wood floors and rustic wide plank flooring includes:

  • Reclaimed Chestnut flooring in rich colors from light brown to dark cocoa, featuring the unique wormhole character caused by bugs that once feasted on Chestnut trees after a blight.
  • Reclaimed Grandpa’s flooring made from other parts of buildings such as structural floor joists and older floorboards. These timbers have more character and imperfections than any other wood floor, including knots and grains, rustic saw marks, texture and color variations, and even nail holes or bullet holes.
  • Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring that features a rich color palette with deep amber and pumpkin hues along with strong grain and a choice of grades that enables you to select your desired level of rustic appeal.
  • Reclaimed Oak flooring that features remarkable hues from gold to amber and rich, nutty browns, along with the wormholes, cracks, knots and nail holes that give these floorboards more character.
  • Reclaimed Milled Barnwood flooring that features a mix of different woods, including Red and White Pine, Hemlock and Spruce, with varying hues from browns to auburns to yellows and imperfections that add enduring character.

How Carlisle turns new floorboards into farmhouse-style wood floors

At Carlisle, in addition to reclaimed wood flooring, we offer a variety of distressing techniques that can give new floorboards an aged appearance and timeworn texture at a fraction of the cost of reclaimed wood flooring.

Our texturing techniques include:

  • Brushed texturing that uses special brushes to degloss or unsmooth new floorboards, wearing away the softer grains to produce the look of a floor that is been worn down over time.
  • Timeworn texturing that re-creates the look of wood that has been aged over generations or centuries.
  • Hand-scraped edges that employ the same techniques as those used by woodworkers hundreds of years ago to smooth the edges of floorboards before installation, beveling the edges of thicker boards to ease the transition to a thinner board.
  • Watermill techniques that recreate look of wood once milled at riverside sawmills, where rough spots and saw marks were randomly left on floorboards.
  • Footworn techniques that produce the distinctive undulating pattern of boards that have been walked on for generations.
  • Hit or Miss marks that reproduce the saw kerfs or saw swirls of boards that were produced by early sawmills.

Carlisle distressing techniques can be used on solid hardwood or engineered hardwood floors. Engineered floorboards are made with a veneer of hardwood that is glued to multiple layers of a backing material to produce a stronger core that is more resistant to temperature changes and higher levels of relative humidity. Rustic engineered hardwood flooring is ideal for installation below grade, over radiant heat or on concrete slab.

You can also choose to have your farmhouse-style wood floors from Carlisle prefinished, which enables our craftsmen to manage the meticulous tasks of cutting, texturing, staining and sealing your floor in the ideal conditions in our custom shop. Prefinished floors arrive at your home ready for installation, and let you avoid the mess and hassle of having a floor sanded and stained within your residence.

Carlisle distressed wood flooring can be fashioned from any of our hardwood species, making it possible to get a highly tough and durable surface like rustic hickory hardwood flooring, or light distressed wood flooring like Ash or White maple. We also offer a virtually unlimited range of stains for our floors, making it easy to get distressed white wood flooring or darker wood floors as you desire.

Carlisle: your best source for rustic and farmhouse floors

Every rustic or farmhouse-style wood floor created by Carlisle’s craftsman is a work of art and the perfect reflection of the homeowner’s sense of style and beauty. We take great pride in our time-honored processes, and we take great pains to source the soundest and most reliable timber grown in America’s forests. Our woodworkers pore over every inch of every plank to make sure that your Carlisle floor is the perfect realization of your vision for a surface that will transform your interior and become a defining feature of your home.

For more than 50 years, we have handcrafted the finest wood floors in America, and today our proprietary distressing techniques and our supply of reclaimed timbers have placed Carlisle floors in high demand with customers who want the authenticity and character of farmhouse-style wood floors.