Gray Color Wood Flooring

The beauty of gray color wood flooring

Gray color wood flooring is a design trend whose time has come. As one of the most popular modern hardwood floor colors, gray is prized for its calming, neutral tones and its ability to pair with nearly any interior design scheme. Compared to natural color wood floors, gray offers a much cooler feel that modernizes any room, and lighter shades of gray can help to brighten a space and make smaller rooms feel more spacious.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors offers a virtually unlimited assortment of shades for gray color wood flooring. Our design consultants can work with you to find the perfect shade of gray for your floor, and help you settle on all the other elements like choice of wood, grade, structure and texture that will make your Carlisle floor a central design feature of your home.

What is gray color wood flooring?
Gray color wood flooring is a hardwood floor that is treated with a gray stain. Gray floors range from very dark to very light gray and may include other hues to give the floor more warmth.

What are the benefits of gray wood flooring?
Gray color wood flooring is a neutral choice that can support virtually any design scheme. Gray has a calming energy that helps a room to feel more relaxed, and lighter grays can help a smaller room to feel more spacious as well. Gray color wood flooring reflects light more easily, helping to brighten darker rooms and to make light rooms feel pleasantly airy. And because it hides dust and dirt more easily than dark floors, gray wood flooring is easier to keep clean. While gray floors were initially viewed as a trend, many people today feel that gray is quickly becoming a timeless hardwood floor color that will have appeal for generations to come.

What wood is best for gray color flooring?
Virtually any species of hardwood or pine can be used for gray color wood flooring. Some species like Ash, White Maple and White Oak may be easier to stain because their natural colors are more neutral, while woods like Walnut and Cherry, which have naturally darker and bolder hues, may be more challenging.

Can engineered floors be stained gray?
Yes. Engineered hardwood colors at Carlisle are just as varied as the color choices for our solid wood floors.

Choosing the stain for your gray color wood flooring

At Carlisle, there’s no limit to the variety of shades you can choose for your gray color wood flooring. Our Carlisle Custom Color matching system provides a fast color match for virtually any item you submit. In just a few moments, we can match the color of a paint swatch, piece of fabric, or a bit of tile to create the perfect shade of gray for your Carlisle floors.

Gray stains can be strictly gray, or they can be mixed with a bit of brown or red for an added variety. Gray can also be added to classic wood floor colors to create light or dark wood color floors with a bit more coolness than the traditional hues.

Expect exceptional service for your Carlisle floor

When you come to Carlisle for gray color wood flooring, our design consultants will work with you on every detail to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that will grace your home for generations. From your first conversation with our team through your choice of woods, stain colors and texture through the delivery and installation of your floor, you’ll be impressed by the attentiveness and thoroughness of our customer service. Our consultants will help to make sure that every detail is perfect and that your final product is the perfect reflection of your sense of style and taste. Carlisle design specialists are brilliant at taking your vision for an exceptional floor and helping to turn it into a reality that exceeds your expectations.

Why choose gray floors from Carlisle?

When you choose gray color wood flooring from Carlisle, you can be sure that your floor will be handcrafted from the highest quality raw materials available. For more than 50 years, we have been a top provider of the finest wide plank floors in America, crafted with time-honored processes from the best timber grown in American forests. Our artisan woodworkers take enormous pride in their attention to detail – from sourcing the most reliable timber to carefully selecting each plank for your floor and applying the perfect stain color or adding texture to every inch. With Carlisle, you can have confidence that your floor will be a unique and distinctive feature of your home that will continue to bring delight and joy for years to come.