Hand Scraped Walnut Floors

An introduction to hand scraped Walnut floors.

When looking for a distinct and unique for design element for a home or business, hand scraped Walnut floors offer an authentically rustic look and feel. Walnut floors are one of the most sought-after hardwood flooring options, thanks to their rich chocolate hues and tight, complex grain patterns. Hand scraped Walnut floors enhance the personality of the wood and transform new floors into surfaces that have the look and feel of wood floors that are centuries old.

In this brief introduction to hand scraped Walnut floors, we’ll explain this popular technique used to distress American Black Walnut flooring and touch on a variety of other options for distressing or texturing your Walnut floors.

Beyond hand scraped Walnut floors: additional texture options

In addition to hand scraped Walnut floors, Carlisle offers a range of additional techniques for texturing Walnut floors, including three methods that only Carlisle craftsmen can apply.

  • Hit or Miss. This technique adds saw swirl patterns to new boards to recreate the look of timber that was cut at early sawmills.
  • Watermill. This process recreates the look of floorboards that were rough sawn at riverside watermills more than 100 years ago. This method reproduces the look of boards that were never planed or scraped smooth and that had saw marks in the wood which were smoothed over by generations of foot traffic.
  • Brushed. Using special brushes, Carlisle craftsmen “un-smooth” the Walnut floorboards to give them a unique worn texture.
  • Timeworn. Older floors are naturally worn down by foot traffic and the passage of time, producing distinct patterns in the wood grain. Our proprietary Timeworn process recreates these patterns to give new Walnut floorboards the appearance of surfaces that have been lived on for more than three lifetimes.
  • Footworn. This technique recreates the subtle erosion of floors, where softer grains are worn away more quickly than denser grains to create a distinctive undulating pattern in the floorboards.

The Carlisle difference: wide plank, hand scraped Walnut floors

Why select hand scraped Walnut floors from Carlisle? In addition to the superior quality of our textured floors and the additional options for customization, you can count on our team to deliver exceptional service throughout the process. From your first conversation with our flooring specialists to your comprehensive consultation with design experts and the day your floor is delivered and installed, our team will provide expert assistance to ensure you get the floor that best fits your home, your lifestyle and your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can engineered Walnut flooring be hand scraped?

Engineered Walnut flooring is made with a veneer of Walnut that is glued to multiple layers of backing material like plywood, fiberboard or, in the case of Carlisle engineered flooring, Baltic Birch. This construction makes engineered floors more suitable for installation in areas that experienced large fluctuations in temperature, humidity and moisture.

Can prefinished Walnut flooring be hand scraped?

Prefinished Walnut flooring is a floor that is sanded, stained and sealed at Carlisle’s facility before it is delivered to your home or business for installation. Hand scraped Walnut floors at Carlisle may be ordered as prefinished floors.

What are rift and quartersawn Walnut floors?

A rift sawn board is one that has been cut with a special technique that produces very straight grain lines that run the length of the floorboard. Rift and quartersawn Walnut timbers are cut at a 90-degree angle from the center of the wood.

What’s the difference between hand scraped Walnut floors and reclaimed flooring?

While hand scraped Walnut floors attempt to re-create the look of centuries-old surfaces, reclaimed flooring is made of old floorboards that have actually been salvaged from old buildings.

What are the benefits of hand scraped Walnut floors?

Hand scraped Walnut floors invoke Old World charm and age-worn beauty, providing a sense of heritage and craftsmanship that can help to transform a room. Wide plank hand scraped Walnut floors add additional elegance and spaciousness to the room, as fewer seams between boards creates a less busy look.

What are wide plank hand scraped Walnut floors?

Wide plank floors are simply hardwood floors made with floorboards that are up to 20″ in width, rather than the very narrow boards used in standard commercial flooring which are no more than 3″ wide. A wide plank American Walnut floor from Carlisle is the ideal surface for hand scraping, as the wider surface of the floorboards enables the ridges and knife marks to be fully seen and appreciated.

What are hand scraped Walnut floors?

Hand scraped Walnut floors are hardwood floors that are prepared with a technique known as hand scraping. Before the introduction of machines that could cut and sand floorboards to very fine specifications, craftsmen would attempt to smooth the edges of boards that had been cut in mills by scraping them with a plane. This procedure involved pulling a “draw knife”, or block plane, across the wood to remove shavings and create a clean surface, but it also left scrape marks and subtle ridges in the floorboards that added texture and depth.