Handscraped Hickory Flooring

An introduction to handscraped Hickory flooring. Handscraped Hickory flooring is an increasingly sought-after choice for home and business owners who want a flooring surface with an authentically rustic look and feel. Hickory hardwood flooring is among the most resilient flooring options available – the tensile strength of Hickory rivals that of steel, making this hardwood an excellent choice for high-traffic areas in any residential or commercial setting. Handscraping is a common method used to create a distressed Hickory floor. This technique was once used by craftsmen in centuries past to attempt to smooth the edges of boards that had been cut at a sawmill. The craftsmen would pull a “draw knife” across the wood to remove shavings and create a cleaner surface. This manual process left scrape marks and slight ridges in the boards, which provide a sense of depth and texture. As more people look to distressed hardwood Hickory flooring to give their space a sense of Old-World charm, handscraped Hickory flooring is an easy way to transform new floors into surfaces that show an age-worn beauty.

Wide planks go well with Handscraped Hickory flooring.

Wide plank flooring from Carlisle is the perfect complement to handscraped Hickory flooring techniques. With floor boards up to 12” wide, wide plank flooring provides a larger surface for the handscraped ridges and texture to be seen and appreciated. Wide plank floors also add a sense of beauty, elegance and spaciousness to any room, while giving the floor a less “busy” feel thanks to the minimal number of seams between boards.

What are the advantages of handscraped Hickory flooring?

Handscraped Hickory flooring adds history, character and texture to a room, giving your floor a sense of connection to the heritage and craftsmanship of a bygone era. And while the wood’s natural hardness helps to protect against scratches, dings and dents, handscraped Hickory flooring provides additional protection against blemishes and wear, as scratches and dents fit right into the natural contours of the wood.

Customizing your handscraped Hickory flooring.

While handscraped Hickory flooring is an excellent choice for creating an antique or reclaimed look for your floor, there are also additional options for customization that can help you achieve the exact look you want. In addition to handscraping, Carlisle offers a number of other texture techniques that help give new floors the appearance of decades-old timber.

• Foot worn techniques reproduce the uneven and undulating patterns that develop in boards which have been walked on for decades.
• Watermill techniques add distinctive saw marks that replicate the appearance of floors with boards that were originally sawn at riverside watermills in centuries past.
• Brushed techniques help to un-smooth and de-gloss new finished boards to give them a gently worn texture with fine brush markings.
• Timeworn methods reproduce the natural wear in floors that have been lived on for more than three lifetimes.
• Hit or Miss techniques reproduce the varying saw swirl patterns from the milling techniques of the 19th and early 20th century. Any Carlisle Hickory floor can be stained in a wide range of colors – from the very light treatment of our Whitewash stain to our Blacksmith stain which produces a smoky, dark Hickory flooring.

Beyond handscraped Hickory flooring: additional options for your wide plank floor.

In addition to handscraped Hickory flooring, Carlisle also offers a variety of other options for Hickory floors. Our prefinished Hickory flooring is delivered with the sanding, staining and sealing already completed, helping to speed installation and avoid the mess and inconvenience normally associated with the installation of unfinished Hickory flooring. Carlisle engineered Hickory flooring is a great option for locations where moisture, temperature and humidity may fluctuate significantly. Engineered Hickory flooring from Carlisle includes a fixed, top layer of Hickory hardwood with up to 11 plies of Birch backing beneath. Once glued together, these multiple layers of material create a highly stable core that is resistant to contracting or expanding because of temperature and humidity. And to add additional elegance to any room, Carlisle Hickory floors can be installed in patterns like Chevron, Herringbone, Versailles or a custom parquet pattern.

Why choose Carlisle for handscraped Hickory flooring?

For more than 50 years, the Carlisle name has been synonymous with excellence, quality and distinctive hardwood floors. Our artisans handcraft every floor to ensure that our masterpieces in wood are true expressions of your sense of style and beauty. Carlisle handscraped Hickory flooring is meant to be a defining feature of your home and a welcome reminder of where you are every time you cross the threshold. Offering unparalleled service and expert guidance at every turn, we’re dedicated to ensuring that the process of designing your handscraped Hickory flooring is as exciting and pleasurable as living or working on it. It’s no wonder that Carlisle floors are the choice for so many distinctive spaces around the world, from museums and restaurants to boutiques and elegant homes.