Hardwood Hickory Flooring

What is hardwood Hickory flooring?

Hickory flooring is a type of interior flooring surface made of timber from Hickory trees, one of the strongest and most durable hardwood species. Hardwood Hickory flooring has a tensile strength that rivals steel, making it more resistant to wear and to denting over the years.

The strength of hardwood Hickory flooring is matched only by its beauty.

Hickory wood floors have color tones that range from brown to tan to vibrant auburn with copper and cinnamon hues. The complex grain pattern of Hickory is marked by knots and mineral streaks that provide lots of variation between adjacent boards in hardwood Hickory flooring. Hickory flooring is an excellent choice for contemporary interior designs and for more rustic settings – everything from modern California bungalows to lakeside retreats and country estates.

What is wide plank hardwood Hickory flooring?

A wide plank floor uses wider floor boards to create a flooring surface that features fewer seams and that allows the grain pattern and personality in the wood to come to the fore. Traditional hardwood floors use boards that are at most 3” wide and typically 3’ to 4’ long. In an average room, this creates hundreds of seams and a very disjointed look as the eye scans the floor and the grain patterns in the wood. Wide plank floors like those from Carlisle use boards that are up to 12 wide and 14’ long, enabling a more spacious feel and a more elegant look while allowing the beauty of the wood to shine through. And while hardwood Hickory flooring is about as durable as a floor can get, a wide plank Hickory floor adds even greater strength and durability.

What are the advantages of hardwood Hickory flooring?

Hardwood Hickory flooring offers many benefits over carpet. A Hickory floor will last for many years, while carpet must be replaced much more often. Hardwood floors are easier to clean and, unlike carpet, provide no place for allergens like pollen and dander to hide. Hickory floors have a much more elegant look and provide a more live acoustic environment in any room. And while the initial investment in a hardwood floor may cost more than carpet, the durability of hardwood Hickory flooring provides a lower total cost of ownership over the years. When comparing Hardwood Hickory flooring to other hardwood options, the resilience of Hickory makes it a strong choice for high-traffic areas and for people who want a floor that is more resistant to wear. Because of its distinctive grain patterns and subtle color palette, Hickory flooring is also a great option for settings that want a more casual or rustic feel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is prefinished hardwood Hickory flooring?

Prefinished hardwood Hickory flooring is a floor that has been sanded, stained and sealed at the factory before it is delivered to a site for installation. A prefinished floor enables home and business owners to avoid the mess and inconvenience that is typically involved in installing an unfinished hardwood floor on-site.

Can new hardwood Hickory flooring be distressed?

Distressed Hickory flooring is a popular option for homeowners and business owners who want an older looking hickory floor. Carlisle offers a number of techniques to provide a more aged and weathered look to hardwood Hickory flooring. Handscraped Hickory flooring is hand-sculpted by Carlisle craftsman to produce scraped edges that give the wood an historical appearance. Watermill texturing adds the swirls or “kerfs” that were common on boards cut from early sawmills. Footworn techniques give boards an appearance of having been walked on for years, while brushed marks provide a subtle softening and contouring that add a time-worn and lived-in appearance. Can hardwood Hickory flooring be stained dark? Hickory can take a wide variety of stains, from whitewash to very dark colors.

Any suggestions on how to clean hardwood Hickory flooring?

Hardwood Hickory flooring can be easily cleaned with a mixture of vinegar and water (one or 2 ounces of vinegar to 2 gallons of water), which is safe both for the floor and for the environment. Vinegar has a natural acidity that helps to loosen dirt and contaminants from the floor.

What is engineered Hickory flooring?

An engineered Hickory floor is created with multiple layers of hardwood and other material that is glued together. This is in contrast to solid Hickory flooring, where each board is made from a single piece of wood. An engineered Hickory floor has a top layer (called the “wear” layer) of Hickory, and multiple layers of another material like plywood, fiberboard or birch beneath the top layer, glued together to form a strong core. Engineered hardwood Hickory flooring is a suitable option for settings where humidity may be higher on average, such as a basement or for installation over concrete slabs and radiant heat systems. While some engineered floors look and feel cheaper than solid wood floors, Carlisle offers an engineered option that looks and feels virtually identical to a solid wood floor.

What is the hardness rating of hardwood Hickory flooring?

What is the hardness rating of hardwood Hickory flooring?

Expect unparalleled service with your hardwood Hickory flooring.

When you come to Carlisle for hardwood Hickory flooring, you can expect quality of service that is rivaled only by the quality of our flooring products. We handcraft wide plank floors with extraordinary attention to detail, to make sure that every customer ends up with a floor that will delight them every time they enter a room. Our team provides friendly, knowledgeable assistance from your first conversation with a design consultant through all the choices for customizing a wood floor to delivery and installation. Our goal is to make the process of selecting and designing your hardwood floor as pleasurable as your experience of living on once it is finished.

Carlisle: the experts in wide plank hardwood Hickory flooring.

Since 1966, the Carlisle name has been synonymous with leadership, innovation and excellence in hardwood flooring. When you come to Carlisle for hardwood Hickory flooring, you know that you will be working with the best craftsman in the business. You can count on the fact that your hardwood Hickory flooring will be a true expression of your sense of style, painstakingly crafted to meet our exacting standards – and yours. You’ll know that your floor was produced with timber harvested with sustainable forestry practices by timber growers and sawyers who share our forest-to-floor ethic and our commitment to preserving natural resources. And you can be confident that your Carlisle hardwood Hickory flooring will be the centerpiece of your life at home or work, enhancing your space for years to come.