Hardwood Parquet Flooring

Make a statement with hardwood parquet flooring

When you want to dramatically elevate the elegance and luxury in a room, hardwood parquet flooring is an excellent design choice. A parquet floor is a hardwood floor installed with a pattern or design, sometimes simple, sometimes extremely complex. From the straightforward angularity of Herringbone floors to the highly intricate designs of a Versailles pattern, parquet wood flooring provides great visual interest and introduces a new level of beauty to any traditional or contemporary space.

Hardwood parquet flooring originated in the 16th century in the manors and castles of Europe, where wealthy aristocrats paid handsome sums for extremely detailed and finely crafted parquet floor designs. In the US, inexpensive hardwood parquet flooring was popular for in the 60s and 70s, and today high-quality parquet is making a resurgence with installations in many of the finest homes in the country.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors provides exquisitely produced hardwood parquet flooring in a range of patterns as well as custom patterns for a design that is uniquely your own. Handcrafted one board at a time, a Carlisle parquet floor is truly a work of art that will transform any space it graces.

Everything you need to know about hardwood parquet flooring

What is hardwood parquet flooring?

Hardwood parquet flooring is a hardwood floor where the floorboards are installed in a pattern rather than in a traditional style with strips laid side by side. Parquet floors originated in the wealthy homes in Europe in the 16th century and have been a symbol of luxury and elegance ever since.

What kind of wood is used in parquet floors?

Virtually any kind of wood can be used to make hardwood parquet flooring. Many homeowners choose oak parquet flooring for its warmth and versatility, but any species that can be used in a hardwood floor can also be installed in a parquet pattern. Some installations make use of two or more types of wood or colors to add even more visual interest, while other floors mix materials such as wood and tile to create a unique look.

What are the advantages of parquet flooring?

The principal reason to choose hardwood parquet flooring is to add an elegant and visually stunning design feature to a room. Parquet floors offer a greater sense of sophistication and luxury as well as stunning beauty to any space.

Can hardwood parquet flooring be prefinished?

Yes. Carlisle offers prefinished hardwood parquet flooring that is finished with our Carlisle Custom Coat process, which makes the floor easier to clean and maintain over the years. A prefinished parquet floor can help to increase the speed of installation, as the floor doesn’t need to be sanded or sealed on-site.

Can engineered wood floors be installed in a parquet pattern?

Yes. Carlisle offers two options for engineered parquet flooring that are perfect for urban lofts, industrial flats, in installations over radiant heat or concrete slab, or in high moisture areas above or below grade. Our Studio Herringbone Collection is an engineered White Oak floor a selection of colors, while our Manhattan Herringbone features light and dark parquet flooring made from Rift & Quartersawn White Oak.

Selecting a pattern for your hardwood parquet flooring

Choosing a pattern is the most exciting part of designing a parquet floor. At Carlisle, we work most often with several popular patterns, including:

  • Herringbone. One of the most sought-after patterns, Herringbone features boards of equal length that are arranged in a zigzag pattern across the floor, with each and abutting another at a right angle.
  • Chevron. For contemporary parquet flooring, many homeowners choose a Chevron pattern where the boards are arranged in a series of successive V shapes. In a Chevron floor, the ends of the boards are cut at an angle in order to create the V-shape.
  • Versailles. Named for the famous palace of King Louis XIV, a Versailles pattern is an extremely intricate parquet with a woven appearance, made with boards that are cut at a variety of long and short lengths.

Our design team is also happy to work with you to create your own unique design for an entire floor or for room borders and dramatic focal points.

Why Carlisle is your #1 source for hardwood parquet flooring

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors has been a leader in handcrafted wood floors for more than 50 years. Every Carlisle floor is produced with time-honored processes and painstakingly crafted by artisans who are masters at transforming timbers into singular works of art in wood. Whether you choose a floor from one of our curated collections or design a floor that is uniquely your own, it will be created in exactly the same way: one plank at a time.

When designing a hardwood parquet floor with Carlisle, you’ll benefit from the knowledge and guidance of our design team at every step. From choosing the pattern and the wood to the color and texture, our experts provide attentive service and support to make the process of creating your one-of-a-kind floor a true pleasure.