Heart Pine Flooring

See what a difference wide plank heart pine flooring can make.

Longleaf heart pine flooring was one of the most common flooring materials during the American industrial revolution. With a hardness that rivals oak and a rich warmth in colors that range from pumpkin to amber to darker hues, longleaf heart pine flooring is an exceptional choice for solid wood floors.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, one of North America’s leading purveyors of quality wood floors, offers heart pine flooring in several grades to suit a variety of design aesthetics.

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Heart pine flooring cut from sustainable groves.

At Carlisle, we share a strong commitment to sustainable forestry with the growers we contract to harvest our pine flooring timber. Our boards are cut only from trees that are among the most mature in the forest and that must be removed to make way for younger trees. We never contract with clear cutters; in fact, on average, we’ve cut only one tree in every five acres of pine forest.

We offer several grades of heart pine flooring, each with its own personality and subtle differences. The Heirloom Cut has a more formal finish with tighter knots and narrow, vertical grains. The Original Cut heart pine floor offers a more rustic look, with wider lines, larger knots and cathedral style grain patterns.

In addition to heart pine flooring, we offer an Eastern White Pine floor and a Hit or Miss Eastern White Pine floor that is hand-distressed to resemble antique wood flooring.

Our wide plank floors, in pine and hardwoods that range from cherry to walnut to oak and maple, give any room a cleaner and more open look. Fewer seams in the floor allow more of the wood’s character to be revealed, creating highly unique wood floors that are a distinctive architectural element of any space.

Reclaimed heart pine, oak and chestnut flooring

Some of our most sought-after flooring are our reclaimed wood floor products. These rustic floors are made from oak, chestnut and heart pine boards taken from old barns, warehouses and commercial spaces. The wood is cleaned and minimally milled, leaving all of the nail holes, saw kerfs and water stains intact to deliver a floor with extraordinary rustic charm.

We also offer prefinished wood floor and engineered wood floor products that are among the best in the industry in appearance, longevity and stability.

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