Heart Pine Floors

An introduction to Heart Pine floors.

From the factories and buildings of the Industrial Revolution to the plantation-style homes throughout the Southeast, Heart Pine floors have a unique place in architectural history. Hard as oak with rich colors that range from amber and pumpkin to darker, more contemporary hues, Heart Pine flooring is a true American classic that is in high demand today for surfaces in beautiful homes and spaces around the world.

This introduction to Heart Pine floors provides an overview of this softwood species and the many flooring options available from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors.

What are Heart Pine floors?

Heart Pine floors are made from planks cut from the heartwood of Longleaf Yellow Pine trees. Pine flooring features prominent grain structure, knots and pin holes that give the wood a unique inviting and rustic appeal. Carlisle Heart Pine floors are made exclusively from Longleaf Pine trees.

What are wide plank Heart Pine floors?

Wide plank Heart Pine floors are made of wider and longer floorboards than the planks you typically find in standard commercial flooring. A wide plank floor may use Pine boards up to 20″ wide and up to 16′ long, allowing the personality and grain patterns of the wood to fully blossom on each plank. With fewer seams between planks, a wide plank floor has a more spacious and less busy feel. A wide plank Heart Pine floor adds both elegance and rustic character to any room.

What are the advantages of Heart Pine floors?

Customers at Carlisle choose Heart Pine plank flooring when they want:

A warm rustic appeal. The warm patina and rustic character of a Heart Pine floor can help transform any residential or commercial setting.
A more affordable floor. Heart Pine floors tend to cost significantly less than hardwood floors.
An eco-friendly option. Pine trees grow much faster than the hardwood species typically used for floors, enabling forests to regenerate more quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other kinds of Pine flooring does Carlisle offer?

Additional Pine flooring options Carlisle include:

  • Eastern White Pine flooring. Hand-selected from the most mature trees, Eastern White Pine flooring offers strong and durable boards with mellow flowing grain and supple knots.
  • Hit or Miss Pine flooring re-creates the look of antique floors by adding saw marks that resemble the marks made by mills a century or more ago.
  • Reclaimed Heart Pine flooring uses floorboards salvaged from beams and floor joists from mills and factories around New England that are slated for demolition.

What is textured Heart Pine flooring?

To get the appearance of an antique floor without the expense of purchasing reclaimed timbers, Heart Pine floorboards can be textured so that they resemble the planks in floors that are decades or centuries old. From adding hand scraped edges and saw marks to treating the floorboards with proprietary techniques that add a layer of wear, Carlisle craftsmen our experts at texturing or distressing Heart Pine flooring.

What is antique or reclaimed Heart Pine flooring?

Reclaimed or Antique Heart Pine flooring is made of floorboards that are fashioned from timbers that are salvaged from old buildings like farms and factories that are about to be demolished. Full of nail holes, knots, color variation and imperfections, reclaimed floors add warmth, visual interest and a sense of heritage to any room.

What is prefinished Heart Pine flooring?

Prefinished floors help to reduce the time and cost of installation by completing the sanding, staining and sealing process in the manufacturer’s facility, before the floor is delivered for installation. Prefinished Heart Pine flooring lets you avoid the mess of sanding, which typically sends sawdust flying everywhere, and eliminates the need to vacate your space for a day or two while the floor is sealed

What are the best suggestions for how to clean Heart Pine flooring?

Heart Pine flooring should be swept frequently to remove any debris that could cause scratches. Additionally, cleaning a Heart Pine floor with a mixture of vinegar and water can help to loosen and eliminate dirt and contaminants.

Can Heart Pine flooring be stained?

Heart Pine flooring can be stained to a wide variety of colors, making it a highly versatile flooring option.

How durable is Heart Pine flooring?

Heart Pine flooring is a softwood, but is extremely hard due to its natural slow growth making it similar in durability to hardwood floors like Red Oak. Some customers prefer the worn and rustic look that Heart Pine flooring develops over time, feeling that the character of the floor is enhanced.

Heart Pine floors make for easy installation.

With more than half a century of experience designing and producing wide plank floors, Carlisle craftsman know how to prepare Heart Pine floors for easy installation. Many installers prefer working with Carlisle wide plank floors as there are fewer boards to install overall and the quality of the floors is unmatched. Heart Pine floors from Carlisle can be installed using staples, nails, and/or glue, or with direct glue down installation. Prefinished Heart Pine floors make installation even easier, as there is no sanding, staining or sealing required on site.

Our Heart Pine floors come with helpful tip sheets delivered upon placement of an order, providing information about proper installation techniques that can help to maximize the beauty and durability of a new Carlisle wide plank floor.

Why Carlisle is your #1 source for Heart Pine floors.

Since 1966, Carlisle has built a reputation for leadership, innovation and tradition in quality wood floors. When you order Heart Pine floors from Carlisle, you’ll get a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is the perfect reflection of your sense of style and your sophisticated aesthetic. Our craftsmen are true artisans with a love and feel for fine wood and a passion for producing handcrafted floors of the highest quality. Our customer service is second to none – from selecting your wood to customizing your floor through delivery and installation, you’ll find our team will make the process creating a beautiful wide plank floor as delightful as living on it.