Herringbone Hardwood Floor

The pleasure of a Herringbone hardwood floor

A herringbone hardwood floor is truly a thing of beauty. Installed with a pattern that provides great visual interest and a sense of movement, herringbone flooring has been a symbol of luxury since parquet flooring was first introduced in the wealthy homes of 16th-century Europe. Today, homeowners throughout the country are choosing herringbone hardwood floors and other parquet patterns to help create unique and elegant spaces that perfectly express their sense of style and taste.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors offers a variety of options for herringbone hardwood floors including reclaimed, engineered and prefinished herringbone wood flooring.

All about Carlisle Herringbone hardwood floors

In a herringbone hardwood floor, the floorboards are laid out in a zigzag fashion, with each board meeting the next board at a right angle to form a visually appealing geometric pattern. Adding a herringbone hardwood floor to a room immediately elevates the design aesthetic and brings a greater sense of luxury to any interior.

A Carlisle herringbone hardwood floor provides you with a wide range of ways to customize your floor for your space, budget and lifestyle.

Our herringbone pattern wood floors can be manufactured from a range of hardwoods – from Ash, Birch, Hickory and Maple to Walnut, Cherry and Red and White Oak. We also offer three species of pine floors and options for reclaimed flooring for a truly unique herringbone pattern wood floor.

With Carlisle, you can choose to finish your herringbone floor with a product that preserves the natural color of the wood, or with an endless variety of stain color applications that can support any interior design. Our custom color matching system makes it easy to produce a stain in the exact hue you’re looking for based on a swatch of paint, a piece of fabric or a bit of tile.

We offer two collections of engineered floors with herringbone patterns. Our Studio Herringbone Collection and Manhattan Herringbone Collection both feature White Oak herringbone floor options in a range of colors. Our engineered floors are made with a thick veneer of solid hardwood that’s glued to multiple layers of a backing material to produce a floorboard that’s more stable when installed on concrete, over radiant heat, below grade or in other locations where temperature and relative humidity may change frequently.

Our prefinished flooring options are also a great idea for floors with a herringbone flooring pattern. Carlisle prefinished floors are manufactured in the ideal conditions of our custom shop, where our craftsmen can cut, sand, stain and seal your floor before shipping it to you for installation. A prefinished herringbone hardwood floor helps to accelerate the installation process and lets you skip the messy and inconvenient experience of finishing a floor in your home.

Beyond herringbone: other hardwood patterns

In addition to herringbone hardwood floors, Carlisle offers Chevron and Versailles parquet flooring as well as the option to create custom patterns.

A chevron pattern is much like a herringbone, in that it also uses a zigzag pattern. The ends of each board in a chevron parquet floor are cut at an angle so that adjoining boards form a V shape, creating a slightly cleaner look. By cutting the ends of boards at different angles, you can make the angle of the V narrower or wider as desired.

A Versailles pattern is named for the floors of the Versailles Palace in France. This intricate pattern involves large squares within which small and precisely cut boards are arranged to form an interwoven pattern. Versailles floors frequently use different colored wood or even different materials to add an even more ornate feel.

Carlisle: your premier source for Herringbone hardwood floors

For more than half a century, Carlisle has been handcrafting extraordinary wide plank floors for stylish homes and businesses around the world. Every Carlisle floor is a work of art that is made with the finest raw materials and fashioned with pride, passion and purpose by our artisan craftsman. Each of our floors is unique, crafted specifically to be an expression of your sense of style and taste, and a source of warmth, pleasure and beauty that will astonish you for years to come.

Whether you’re choosing herringbone hardwood floors, reclaimed flooring or one of our engineered products, our design consultants and knowledgeable specialists will be with you at every stage of the process of designing your perfect floor. Our unwavering commitment to customer service makes the process of selecting the wood, color, finish and texture for your floor almost as exciting as living on it.