Herringbone Pattern Wood Floor

Elevate your interior with a herringbone pattern wood floor

A herringbone pattern wood floor can add a great deal of visual interest and warmth to any interior. Herringbone flooring is one of the oldest parquet patterns, originally found in the castles, palaces and homes of 16th-century European aristocrats. Today, herringbone pattern wood flooring is found in beautiful homes all over the world and is one of the most popular choices in wood floor patterns.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, we offer lots of options for herringbone pattern wood floors as well as floors with Chevron, Versailles and other custom parquet patterns – all built in our custom shop and available in pre-assembled sections or individual pieces.

What is a herringbone pattern wood floor?
A herringbone pattern wood floor is made with individual rectangular planks that are equal in width and length, and where each board meets another at a right angle. The result is a broken or staggered “zigzag” pattern that has a great deal of visual appeal.

What is a wide plank herringbone pattern wood floor?
A wide plank floor uses floorboards that are much wider – often 4” to 12” – than standard commercial flooring. A wide herringbone flooring adds even greater visual appeal to a room.

Why choose a herringbone pattern?
A herringbone pattern in a wood floor provides a great sense of movement and visual interest, adding a feeling of luxury and elegance to any room.

It possible to install prefinished herringbone wood flooring?
Yes. Prefinishing a patterned wood floor enables the planks to be cut, sanded, stained and sealed at the manufacturer’s facility under ideal conditions. A prefinished floor can be installed more quickly and easily and enables the homeowner to avoid the mess of finishing a floor on site.

Can engineered floors be installed in a herringbone pattern?
Yes. In fact, Carlisle offers two collections of engineered floors with herringbone patterns – the Studio Herringbone Collection and the Manhattan Herringbone Collection. These selections of engineered white oak herringbone flooring are ideal for installation below grade, over radiant heat, on concrete slab or in locations with higher levels of relative humidity

Customizing your wide plank floor

While the herringbone flooring pattern is a lovely way to add a custom touch to your wide plank floor, there are a number of other ways to customize your floor with Carlisle.

Your choice of wood
Herringbone floors can be created from any type of wood, with each species offering a different personality. At Carlisle, we offer 10 hardwood species and three types of pine as well as a selection of reclaimed flooring, any of which can make a fine herringbone pattern wood floor.

The perfect stain
Carlisle floors can be finished to virtually any stain color. In addition to our selection of classic stains, our color matching system makes it easy to create a stain that perfectly matches the color you have in mind.

Working with texture
Adding texture to your floor immediately endows it with more personality and an aged appearance. We offer a variety of methods for re-creating the look of floorboards that are centuries old or that have been lived on for generations.

Selecting the width
When planning your herringbone pattern wood floor, one of your first choices will be the width of the planks. Wider planks create fewer seams in the floor and have a stronger visual appeal.

Experience exceptional customer service

Creating a beautiful herringbone pattern wood floor at Carlisle is easy, thanks to our design consultants and knowledgeable specialists who will guide you through every step of the process. After reviewing your exact specifications and discussing the aesthetic you want for your interior, our team will help you make all the choices that will result in the perfect herringbone floor for your space. With Carlisle, the process of designing your wide plank floor is almost as pleasurable as eventually living on it.

When you place your order, a Carlisle Client Partner will work with you to schedule the right time to ship your floors. Your builder or installer will receive a detailed instruction sheet outlining everything they’ll need for installation along with detailed installation instructions.

Carlisle: the #1 choice for herringbone pattern wood floors

More than 50 years, Carlisle Wide Plank Floors has handcrafting the finest floors in America with time-honored processes and with timber sourced from the soundest and most reliable forests in America. Our craftsmen know that every detail matters – from the selection of individual planks to the perfect color of stain, we work with our clients to make sure every floor is perfect expression of their sense of style and beauty. A Carlisle herringbone pattern wood floor is a defining feature of any home, and a welcome reminder where you are every time you enter the room.