High End Wood Flooring

Transform your space with high-end wood flooring.

When you’re designing a home or business interior and want features that can make your space unique, high-end wood flooring is a great place to start. High-end hardwood flooring can be a stunning design element that can transform a room and bring a sense of luxury and elegance to any residential or commercial space.

What is high-end wood flooring?

High-end wood flooring is a residential or commercial floor that is made with greater care, finer materials and/or a greater emphasis on design. High-end wood flooring may be new floors, engineered floors or reclaimed floors that have been salvaged from old buildings. Business and homeowners often turn to high-end wood flooring when they want a floor that adds character, beauty and distinctiveness to their space.

What is wide plank high-end wood flooring?

Wide plank floors like those from Carlisle are a type of high-end wood flooring that is made of floorboards up to 20” wide and up to 16’ long. The wider boards allow the personality of the wood to become more prominent and the grain patterns to fully emerge. Wide plank floors have a sense of luxury and design that make them one of the most sought-after forms of high-end wood flooring.

What are the benefits of wide plank high-end wood flooring?

When compared to standard commercial flooring, wide plank high-end wood flooring provides:

• A stunning design feature. Rather than simply serving as a flooring surface, wide plank high-end wood flooring becomes a central design element of any space, lending greater elegance and visual interest to any room.
• A less “busy” look. With far fewer seems between boards, wide plank flooring looks less busy and cluttered than standard commercial flooring.
• More durability. Wider, longer planks provide greater stability for floors.
• Easier installation. With fewer boards to install, the installation process for a wide plank floor may be much quicker than with standard flooring.

Carlisle: legendary service for high-end wood flooring.

When you come to Carlisle for wide plank high-end wood flooring, our commitment to customer service will impress you just as much as our exceptional, handcrafted floors. From your first visit or phone call through design of your wide plank floor to delivery and installation, our team will be with you at every turn to answer questions, guide you through decisions and ensure that your Carlisle floor meets your high expectations. We can help you choose from a rich variety of wood types, textures, colors and other features to create a truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece in wood that is the perfect expression of your sense of design.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to care for high-end wood flooring?

High-end wood flooring can be cleaned with a simple combination of water and vinegar – 1 or 2 ounces of vinegar per 2 gallons of water. This solution is safe for both floors and for the environment and is highly effective at loosening dirt and contaminants.

How can high-end wood flooring be customized?

High-end wood flooring may be customized in any number of ways, from the choice of stain color and texture to the type of cut and grade of wood. High-end wood flooring can also be customized by choosing a pattern such as herringbone or chevron for installation. Wide plank high-end wood flooring enables further customization in the choice of board widths.

Can high-end wood flooring be distressed?

Distressing techniques are one of the classic hallmarks of high-end wood flooring. These surface treatments create a distinctive look that imitates the appearance of reclaimed floors and other aging services. Distressing techniques may be designed to imitate the look of floorboards worn down by age and foot traffic, cut in old-fashioned sawmills or water mills, or hand-treated by artisans more than a century ago.

What is engineered high-end wood flooring?

Engineered wood flooring is a surface made from multiple layers or plies of wood and backing material. Engineered flooring is designed to hold up well in spaces that see greater fluctuation in temperature and humidity such as installations in basements, over concrete slabs or on radiant heating systems. Durable engineered wood flooring may be a wide plank floor like those available from Carlisle or a floor that has been distressed or treated in some way to add character and elegance.

What is prefinished high-end wood flooring?

Prefinished hardwood flooring is a flooring surface that is sanded, stained and sealed at the manufacturer’s facility before it is delivered to the home or business for installation. Refinishing the floor enables the use of stronger sealants that can add years to the life of the floor and eliminates the mess and inconvenience of needing to sand, stain and seal a surface such as unfinished birch flooring on site.

What is reclaimed high-end wood flooring?

Reclaimed floors are a type of high-end wood flooring that is made from floorboards and other timbers salvaged from centuries-old buildings, farms and factories that have been scheduled for demolition. Age and wear give the floors a color and texture that brings richness, warmth, character and a sense of history to any space.

What types of wood are available in high-end wood flooring?

Whether you’re choosing wide plank, reclaimed or distressed high-end wood flooring, you’ll have a wide range of options when it comes to selecting the wood.

• Ash hardwood flooring is highly dense and comes in colors ranging from rich nutty brown to light blonde hues.
• Birch often has grain patterns that evoke highly figured flames or subtle swirls, with hues that include blonde, warm amber and rich reddish-brown.
• Brown Maple is a dense hardwood with distinctive brown hues and subtle and consistent grain patterns.
• Cherry floors have a subtle grain structure and deep red tones that will mature to a rich, burnished auburn color.
• Hickory has is one of the most durable hardwood floors available, boasting a tensile strength that rivals steel. Color tones range from lighter blonde sapwood to cocoa brown and beige hardwood.
• Red Oak hardwood offers deep, salmon tones in the heartwood and comes in exceptional widths and lengths.
• Walnut floors offer rich chocolate hues and surprising auburn undertones as well as complex grain patterns.
• White Maple boasts cleaner and lighter hues with strikingly beautiful grain patterns reminiscent of flowing water.
•White Oak offers dramatic grain patterns that range from simple and sleek lines to vibrant swirls, with light nutty brown hues.

Why choose Carlisle for high-end wood flooring?

For more than five decades, the Carlisle name has represented innovation and leadership in floor covering fashion for homes and businesses around the world. A Carlisle floor will become a defining feature of your space and a welcome reminder of where you are, each and every time you walk through the door. The level of craftsmanship that goes into creating high-end wood flooring at Carlisle is nothing short of extraordinary. Our New England craftsmen are true artisans with a love and feel for fine wood – they appreciate the stories told by grain patterns and color variations, and they painstakingly inspect every board and ensure every detail is perfect. We have long-held relationships with timber growers and sawyers who share our commitment to sustainable forestry practices, enabling us to preserve natural resources while producing wide plank floors of exceptional beauty.