Light Distressed Wood Flooring

Your guide to light distressed wood flooring

When you want a light wood floor with an antique appearance, light distressed wood flooring from Carlisle is the answer. Distressed wood flooring adds texture and a worn look to new floorboards to create the look of antique floors that have been lived on for decades or centuries. While actual antique floors are typically dark – the product of age and wear – the ability to texture new floorboards lets you create an antique look with any type of hardwood and any stain color you like, from distressed white wood flooring to very dark rustic hardwood flooring.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors specializes in texturing techniques that can produce light distressed wood flooring fashioned to your exact specifications.

What is light distressed wood flooring?
Distressed wood flooring is a new wood floor that has been treated or textured to give it an aged appearance. A light distressed wood floor is one that has been created with light hardwoods like Ash, Birch or White Maple, or one that has been stained a light color.

What is a rustic wide plank floor?
A rustic floor can be an antique floor made with boards salvaged from old buildings, or a new floor that has been distressed to give it the appearance of an older surface. Rustic wide plank wood flooring is an antique-looking floor made with boards that are significantly wider than standard commercial floorboards, which are typically only 2¼” to 3” wide. Wide plank floors from Carlisle, for example, come in sizes that average 4” to 12” in width.

Creating light distressed wood flooring

At Carlisle, we create light distressed wood flooring through techniques that give light hardwood (or hardwood that has been stained with a light color) the appearance of wood that has been lived and walked on for generations.

  • Hand-scraped edges reproduce the look of floorboards that were prepared for installation by hand more than a century ago. This technique gives new floorboards a perfectly aged feel by slightly rounding the edges of the wood just as craftsmen once did in order to smooth the transition from board to board.
  • Hit or Miss marks re-create the iconic saw swirls and saw kerfs left on floorboards that were cut and milled at early sawmills.
  • Watermill marks reproduce the look of boards that were cut at riverside sawmills, where early milling processes left slightly rough areas on parts of the board where stain is absorbed in a unique way.
  • Brushed texturing creates an “unsmooth” look that matches the appearance of boards which have been gently worn down over time.
  • Timeworn processes re-create the naturally worn appearance of aged floorboards.
  • Footworn techniques recreate the undulating patterns that were seen in very old floor boards that were planed smooth using original woodworking tools as Jack Planes or draw knives

Customizing your distressed wood flooring

In addition to texturing techniques, Carlisle offers a number of ways to customize your light distressed wood flooring.

  • A wide selection of hardwood and pines. From Ash and Birch to White Maple and rustic Oak flooring, we offer a number of hardwood species that have a naturally light color, which may be cut at a wide variety of widths. Consistent widths create a sense of calm elegance, while varying the width of your boards will add more visual interest.
  • An unlimited choice of stain colors. Many manufacturers provide only a limited number of stain options, often requiring you to compromise on your ideal color. At Carlisle, while we offer a variety of classic traditional stains, our Carlisle Custom Color matching system makes it easy to create a stain in virtually any color, matched to a paint swatch, a bit of fabric or a section of tile that you bring in. This flexibility makes it easy to get light distressed wood flooring in the exact hue you desire.
  • Solid vs. engineered flooring. Distressed floors can be fashioned with either solid wood or engineered wood floorboards. Engineered wood uses a veneer of hardwood along with birch backing to create a floorboard that is more resistant to moisture and humidity. Rustic engineered hardwood flooring is an ideal choice for installation over radiant heat, on concrete slab or in areas below grade where moisture and humidity may be high.
  • Prefinished options. When you choose to have your light distressed wood flooring prefinished at our facility, we’ll deliver a completely finished floor to your residence that is ready for fast installation. A prefinished floor lets you skip the inconvenience and the mess of finishing a floor in your home, and with Carlisle Custom Coat® finishing processes, our prefinished floors look and feel just like a floor finished on site.

Why Carlisle is your premiere source for distressed floors

When you come to Carlisle for light distressed wood flooring, our team will work with you every step of the way to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that will be a defining feature of your home for generations. Carlisle has been handcrafting the finest wood floors in America for more than 50 years, combining the highest-quality timbers with time-honored processes and a level of craftsmanship that results in exceptional wide plank floors.

No two Carlisle floors are alike, as every floor is individually customized to the homeowner’s preferences. Indeed, Carlisle customers often feel that the process of creating their floor with the help of our design consultants is almost as exciting as eventually living on it. Providing expert guidance and answers to questions throughout the process, your Carlisle design specialist will ensure that every detail is perfectly executed, turning your vision for light distressed wood flooring into a reality that exceeds your expectations.