Luxury Wood Flooring

Luxury wood flooring can dramatically transform a space.

Traditional solid hardwood flooring more or less disappears within a room – it’s merely a surface to walk on. Luxury wood flooring, on the other hand, becomes a distinctive and defining element of your home or business setting – a design feature that can’t be ignored or missed. This brief introduction to luxury wood flooring is designed to help you explore your options for creating and customizing high-end wood flooring that will add character, elegance and visual interest to any room.

Customizing your luxury wood flooring.

At Carlisle, there are lots of ways to customize luxury wood flooring to give your space a distinctive character and one-of-a-kind appearance.

Wood – Customizing luxury wood flooring begins with your choice of wood. Each species of hardwood offers differences in colors, grain patterns and strength. For example, Ash wood flooring has a striking beauty, great density and unique elasticity that makes it easy to work with. Birch flooring has varying grain patterns that range from subtle swirls to highly figured flames, while Cherry floors are prized for their rich red undertones that mature to a burnished auburn color. White and brown maple floors have clear, hard flowing grain and occasional swirls, while Walnut is known for its rich chocolate hues. In addition to 10 hardwood species, Carlisle offers luxury wood flooring in 3 species of Pine as well as 6 types of reclaimed flooring that has been salvaged from centuries-old barns, homes and factories.

Color – Carlisle luxury wood flooring can be finished in virtually any color of stain. The key is matching each piece of wood with the proper stain for a particular species while also accounting for a specific design scheme. Carlisle stains range from the very light Whitewash Fence to the very dark and smoky Blacksmith stain.

Texture – Texturing or distressing floorboards gives luxury wood flooring an instant sense of character and age. Carlisle techniques for texturing include Hand-Scraped Edges, a technique that re-creates the gentle hand-sculpted appearance from a time before floorboards were manufactured by machines. Hit or Miss marks re-create the saw swirls and kerfs from old-time sawmills, while Brushed and Footworn techniques reproduce the look of wood that has been aged by time, weather and wear.

Pattern – Installing luxury wood flooring with a Herringbone, Chevron, Versailles or custom parquet pattern immediately adds a sense of tailored luxury and personality to any room.

Width – Choosing boards of a consistent width produces a uniform feel while mixing widths can add another level of visual interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are engineered floors considered luxury wood flooring?

While engineered floors are not typically considered luxury wood flooring, Carlisle offers engineered wood flooring that is virtually indistinguishable from our solid hardwood options. Engineered flooring is made with a veneer of hardwood backed by multiple layers of another material to produce a floorboard that is more impervious to changes in temperature and humidity. Carlisle durable engineered wood flooring offers a thicker veneer along with multiple layers of Baltic Birch backing to produce an engineered floorboard that is an excellent choice for luxury wood flooring in basements, on concrete slabs or over radiant heating systems.

What is prefinished luxury wood flooring?

Prefinished floors are finished at a manufacturer’s facility before being delivered to a home or business for installation. Prefinished floors enable you to avoid the mess and inconvenience of sanding, staining and sealing a floor on site. Traditionally, prefinished floors have not been considered luxury wood flooring as they often were associated with a cheap or plastic look, but Carlisle has developed a unique prefinishing process that matches the quality and beauty of floors finished on site. Combining time-honored techniques and modern technology, Carlisle enables prefinished floors to be another excellent choice for luxury wood flooring.

What are the benefits of wide plank luxury wood flooring?

Wide plank flooring adds character and beauty to a room and provides a more stable and durable flooring surface thanks to the reduced number of seams between floorboards. By choosing a unique custom combination of luxury flooring you will add greater value to your home as it will not be seen as another commodity product.

What is wide plank luxury wood flooring?

Wide plank floors like those from Carlisle are made with floorboards that may be up to 20” wide and 16’ long. This extra width and length immediately provide a sense of luxury and elegance by drastically reducing the number of seams between boards. Wide planks also allow the beauty of the wood and the personality of the grain to be fully revealed, allowing your floor to become a distinctive design element within your space.

What is luxury wood flooring?

Luxury wood flooring is created with materials, stains, textures and patterns that are not common in traditional commercial flooring. Luxury wood flooring is designed to draw attention to your floors rather than having them play a supporting role in the design of your space.

Why customers choose Carlisle for luxury wood flooring.

Carlisle has been a global leader in luxury wood flooring for more than 50 years. Every Carlisle wide plank floor is a masterpiece, painstakingly handcrafted to be an expression of the home or business owner’s sense of style and beauty. Carlisle luxury wood flooring is a defining feature of any space – a stunning surface that sets the stage for life at home or work. At Carlisle, we strive to make our customer service as legendary as our floors. From helping you choose from a rich variety of wood and colors to customizing your floor with textures and grades, our team is ready to offer unparalleled service and expert guidance at every turn to make the creation of your one-of-a-kind floor a true pleasure.