Maple Flooring

Explore the beauty of Maple flooring.

Maple flooring offers neutral hues and strikingly beautiful grain patterns that complement any design scheme. Typically finished in its natural color tones, Maple wood flooring is the ideal solution for home and business owners seeking a more neutral floor that can fit right in with other aspects of an interior design. It’s no wonder that Maple flooring is in high demand as a fashionable choice in both traditional and contemporary settings.

In this introduction to Maple flooring, you’ll find answers to many common questions along with details about Maple flooring options and other hardwood floors available from Carlisle Wide Plank floors.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors: Maple flooring and much more

While Maple flooring is a highly popular option for a wide variety of settings, Carlisle Wide Plank Floors also offers additional hardwood, Pine and reclaimed floors that are equally attractive. Our offerings include:

  • Red Oak floors that feature tight, consistent grain patterns and salmon-colored hues.
  • White Oak floors with dramatic grain personality and nutty brown hues.
  • Walnut floors that boast sumptuous chocolate hues with distinctive grain and gorgeous color variations.
  • Cherry floors that offer rich deep red tones with subtle but distinctive grain structure.
  • Hickory floors that combine incredible density with hues that range from cocoa brown to beige.
  • Ash floors with striking hues that range from light blonde to cream-colored to rich nutty browns.
  • Birch floors that feature varying grain patterns with blonde outer edges and warm amber portions.
  • Rift & Quartersawn White Oak that is cut with special techniques to delivers straight and consistent grain patterns.
  • Eastern White Pine floors, boasting beautiful knots, smooth grain and versatile finish capabilities.
  • Heart Pine floors that offer a warm patina of rich colors ranging from amber and pumpkin to dark, more modern hues.
  • Hit or Miss Pine that offers authentic reproductions of the saw marks that were once made by early milling techniques.
  • Reclaimed Oak, Heart Pine and Chestnut floors made from timbers salvaged from old farm houses, barns, factories and other buildings slated for demolition. We also offer Reclaimed Milled
  • Barnwood floors, Reclaimed Original Surface Barnwood for wall and ceiling paneling and
  • Reclaimed Grandpa’s flooring, our most rustic option.

Why Carlisle is your top source for Maple flooring.

For more than 50 years, the New England craftsman at Carlisle Wide Plank Floors have been creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces for world-class museums, trendy restaurants, upscale boutiques and exceptional homes throughout the world. The secret to our success: the extraordinary quality of every floor that we make. Every inch of our Maple flooring products is handcrafted to reflect your aesthetic and sense of taste. Your Carlisle floor will immediately become a defining element of your space and a design feature that will delight you for years to come.

The only thing more striking than the quality of our work is the dedication of our customer service. Our team strives to make the process of designing your floor as pleasurable as seeing the final product after installation. From selecting the perfect wood to choosing colors, textures and patterns, we offer expert assistance and professional guidance at every step, working diligently to make sure your floor exceeds your highest expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is prefinished Maple flooring?

Prefinished Maple flooring is finished at Carlisle’s facility rather than being finished after installation in a home or business. In contrast to unfinished flooring, prefinished flooring lets home and business owners skip the process of sanding, staining and sealing – along with all the mess and inconvenience those steps entail – and helps to reduce the time and cost of installing new Maple flooring.

What is engineered Maple flooring?

Engineered Maple flooring is designed for installation in rooms that will experience larger-than-normal changes in temperature and greater fluctuation in relative humidity. Engineered flooring is made of multiple layers of material that form a strong core and will not contract or expand with changes in ambient conditions. At Carlisle, engineered Maple flooring is made with a thick veneer of Maple hardwood that is adhered to multiple layers of Baltic Birch to create the most stable engineered flooring in the industry. Engineered floors are not recommend for locations that consistently drop below 30% relative humidity.

What is distressed Maple flooring?

Distressed Maple flooring, also known as textured flooring, is made of floorboards that have been treated with special techniques to make new floors look like antique flooring. Techniques for distressing Maple flooring include adding saw marks and hand scraped edges, and recreating the gentle wear that floorboards show over time thanks to age, weather and generations of use.

What are the best ideas for how to clean Maple flooring?

In addition to sweeping to remove debris and loose dirt that may scratch the floor, Maple flooring can be cleaned with a mixture of vinegar and water (1 or 2 ounces of vinegar to 2 gallons of water). Vinegar has a natural acidity that helps to loosen dirt and contaminants, and the solution is safe both for floors and for the environment.

How durable is Maple flooring?

Maple flooring has a Janka hardness rating of 1450, making it harder than the industry-standard oak flooring and less prone to dents and wear. However, unless it’s coated with a strong sealant, even hard Maple flooring will scratch and since the grain is less prominent, scratches may be seen more easily.

Can Maple flooring be stained?

Maple hardwood flooring is typically finished without a stain in order to allow the subtle grain and lighter tones of the wood to shine through. But Maple is porous and can accept stain fairly well, allowing you to choose light or dark Maple floors to match your design needs.

What is wide plank Maple flooring?

Wide plank Maple flooring is made floorboards that are typically 5″ to 12″ wide and up to 12′ in length. This is much wider and longer than standard commercial flooring. Wider planks allow the personality and grain of the wood to come to the foreground, producing a floor with more visual interest. Using wider planks also means fewer seams between boards, which results in a less busy feel in the floor and a more spacious sense in the room.

What’s the difference between white Maple and brown Maple flooring?

Carlisle offers both White Maple flooring and Brown Maple flooring. Both floors come from the White Maple tree, but Brown Maple flooring is made from trees that have developed heartwood at the center of the timber due to age, producing rich brown streaks in the heartwood that create striking variations in color and character.

What is Maple flooring?

Maple flooring is a surface made with floorboards cut from Maple trees. Maple hardwood is dense with clear, hard flowing grain that features occasional swirls, producing floorboards with cleaner and lighter hues that pair well with a wide variety of decors. At Carlisle, we harvest mature trees in the cold Northeastern climate of New England, where shorter growing seasons produce would with tighter annular growth rings that add to the floor’s stability.